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Why Sandalwood Is One Of The Most Loved Fragrance Types?

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Sandalwood scent is one of the bestselling perfumes around the world. It is aromatic, sensual, and alluring making your senses feel rejuvenated. Manyof the sensual perfumes or intense perfumes are known around the world to have sandalwood as the main ingredient in the base. Even some of the first known perfumes were created by extracting oils from the sandalwood tree for creating the finest of scents for elites. If you are feeling confused about using sandalwood in your perfume vanity, understanding this fabulous ingredient a little more will make fall for it.

Why Sandalwood is loved by perfumers?

Sandalwood has a unique deep woody yet sweet aroma which some can often confuse with floral aromas which is the reason it is placed in the middle of the floral and woody oriental category. Even though it is placed in the Floriental category, sandalwood scents are quite versatile and can be used in several ways. From creating some of the gentlest perfumes to the ones filled with mind-blowing intensity, you can find sandalwood perfume of all types. Unlike most of the woody notes, sandalwood is the one that can be merged with any other note to create something arvellous.

Perfumers have been using this astonishing aroma for centuries in creating amorous scents. However, creating a perfume from sandalwood is not an easy thing. The wood is acquired from the trees in such a way that the trees are not harmed. This wood is then turned into chips and steamed to extract sticky liquid which is a pure form of sandalwood oil. This oil is used as a base of thousands of perfumes all around the world. Since the extraction process takes time and the availability of sandalwood trees is limited, the cost of perfumes made from this woody oil goes up significantly.

Relaxing For The Senses:

If wearing perfume does not make you feel good and happy, you might want to switch it. An ideal scent is the one that has a positive effect on your mind, body, and soul. The moment you apply it, it should hit you hard with its scent, dissipating into a touch sensuous pleasure. Sandalwood fragrance has this amazing feel to it. Although it smells abit overpowering at first, as the sweet woody aroma of this fragrant wood settles on your skin, it turns into something enchanting.

At the end of the day when you are tired of all the stress and arduous workis done all day, just spray a bit of this alluring perfume on your mattress and get ready for a relaxing sleep. If you are planning for a romantic date at home for your loved one, spray a little perfume on the curtains, on flowers, tablecloth, or chair and how romantic this date turns out to be. While taking a bubble bath, add 2 drops of sandalwood oil perfume to aroma dispenser for a comforting peaceful bath that takes away all your stress and worries. 

Perfumes For The Day As Well As Night:

This is one ingredient that can be found in perfumes designed for the day as well as night, for men as well as women and even unisex. Almost all the popular oriental scents have sandalwood as their base ingredient adding an enchanting feel to the aroma of the perfume. If you want to have a sandalwood scent for day time, look for it in the base with gentle notes like light florals, citruses, and aquatic notes. Such perfume is ideal for summer and spring season during the daytime. For a sandalwood based perfume for the night time, you should seek something having this aromatic wood at the base with other aromatic woods like oakmoss, rosewood, and strong notes in the top and middle layer. Notes like rose, jasmine, incenses, frankincense, gourmand notes like burnt sugar, chocolate, honey, vanilla, and others are perfect for such night perfumes. These can be worn during the night, evenings, in the winter season as well as autumn.

While using strong Sandalwood scent during day, make sure to keep the intensity of the perfume to the minimum. Spray just once on your pulse points for keeping the aroma noticeable yet subtle. During the night, apply not more than 2 sprays of this strong perfume as it might get overpowering for the people around you.

You can enjoy these amazing fragrance notes with several brands like Baug Sons, Otoori, Creation, Colour Me, Chris Adams, Mural De Ruitz, Lomani, and many other brands online in India. Try mini scents before getting full-size perfume from popular brands.It is ideal or all around the year use for various occasions. All you need to do is select the aroma intensity while buying the perfume. Sandalwood is an enchanting perfume ingredient that will make you smell like a million buck in just a couple of sprays.




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