Why Short-Term Furnished Apartments Are Ideal for Toronto Business Trips


Corporate travel is stressful. Searching for the best hotel rates, scrutinizing Airbnb listings, and double-checking whether essential amenities are included can be a hassle. But extensive planning is necessary to avoid the worst outcome of all: low-quality accommodations. 


Are you planning your next business trip to Toronto? Don’t compromise on quality to fit your budget. Stay productive, enjoy the city, and make the most of your trip with high-quality accommodations that understand your unique needs as a business traveler.


Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, finding the right place to stay is a must. Here are ten reasons why an increasing number of executives are choosing Toronto short-term rentals as their new go-to. 


Furnished Apartments, Hotels, and Airbnbs: How Do They Compare?

Hotels have always been the industry standard for corporate travel. However, when it comes to pricing and value, furnished suites offer the same standard of luxury for less. That’s because, unlike hotels and Airbnbs, furnished apartments are intended for relatively long periods of occupancy. 


Hotels and Airbnbs are generally located in high-traffic areas, relying primarily on tourists and short-term stays. On the other hand, furnished apartments are meant to be inhabited for months or longer. Longer stays allow short-term rental companies to offer discounts and charge less.  


When it comes to consistency, furnished suites maintain the same standard of quality you’d expect from a hotel. Unlike Airbnbs, which have no enforceable sanitization standards, Toronto’s diverse selection of short-term rentals offers rigid standards, proper techniques, and a regular cleaning routine.  

10 Reasons to Book a Furnished Apartment as a Business Traveller 

Are you interested in finding the right accommodations for your next business trip? Here are ten reasons why Toronto Luxury Suites is the perfect choice for employees and executives alike. 

1. Save Money 

Furnished apartments typically offer more flexible and affordable options for corporate travellers than traditional hotels or Airbnbs. Moreover, the price tag associated with a furnished suite is less likely to fluctuate, allowing you to budget well ahead of your departure date.  

2. Prepare Your Own Meals 

Are you tired of having no other option but to order out? Take advantage of a fully-equipped kitchen to cook your own meals. Furnished apartments come with all the cutlery, glassware, utensils, and cookware you need to enjoy your favorite home-cooked meals.

3. Minimize Travel Expenses 

Furnished apartments are located throughout Toronto and the surrounding GTA. Representatives are more than happy to help you find accommodations closer to your job site, allowing you to shorten your commute and cut down on travel expenses. 

4. Stay Safe

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of making our health and safety a priority. Furnished apartments offer a low guest turnover rate, frequent cleaning services, and a consistent, high-quality experience from guest to guest. 

5. Be Productive 

Make the most of your business trip with a fully-furnished suite that offers a separate workspace, high-speed WiFi, and long-distance calling capabilities. All you need is your laptop and a pair of headphones to turn your suite into a home office. 

6. Feel at Home

Find the listing that’s perfect for you. Are you traveling solo or with your family? Furnished suites offer a diverse range of accommodations. For example, you may opt for three bedrooms rather than just one. Each suite typically includes a bedroom, living room, bathroom, and fully-equipped kitchen.

7. Make Better Use of Your Space

While hotels may restrict your use of a room, furnished apartments function more like real apartments—you’re entirely free to invite business associates and host meetings. Treat your furnished suite as a multi-purpose room. 

8. Do Your Laundry at Home

Don’t waste time carting your laundry to the laundry room or a nearby laundromat. Enjoy the simple luxury of an ensuite washer and dryer. While we’re on the subject of luxury, most short-term rental companies also offer an on-site fitness center and swimming pool.

9. Enjoy the Views

Toronto Luxury Suites are located within walking distance of grocery stores, local shopping centers, pharmacies, public transit, and other conveniences. As a bonus, furnished apartments offer sweeping views of Toronto’s breathtaking cityscape

10. Get the Support You Need, When You Need It 

Furnished apartments typically offer on-call managers, 24/7 security, and built-in alarm systems to prevent break-ins. Relax and unwind knowing you’re protected in the event of an emergency.  

Enjoy Your Next Business Trip With High-Quality Accommodations 


Furnished apartments provide a safe, comfortable, and reliable experience for business travelers and vacationers alike. When it comes to accommodations, give yourself everything you need to do your best work by relying on the option that gives you the best return on your investment.