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Why should a Business Consider Printed Boxes as Packaging Option?

With an advancement in technology, an increase in competition in various industries has been marked, as a result of which companies are struggling harder to maintain their positions. These industries include; Food processing, cosmetic, jewelry, etc. To meet this competition, companies are coming forward with unique and trendy ideas that go viral after being applied ones. Hence the need for others is required. Printed packaging option is one of a useful plan that remains unique and helps one in being recognized by the audience targeted. One can attain uniqueness in packaging when getting it designed by an expert. Leading businesses around the globe obtain the copyright for their printed box packaging so that uniqueness is maintained. Other than the quality of the product, the box packaging needs to be worked on so that a larger number of people can get attracted towards it. The more a company’s name appears in the public eye, the greater is the opportunity one has to generate interest. Therefore, the creative packaging is one great way of doing this. Printed boxes help in advertising a product in an effective way, i.e. without people even realizing that a company has something touted right in front of their eyes. Packaging is equally important to the quality of the product as customers offer free advertisement as long as they have this package in their arms. For example, if your store is located in a shopping mall, hundreds of customers might pass by. This means that hundreds of potential customers will have your logo in mind.


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Customized boxes are produced as per the specification provided by the customer and getting them printed is also the customer’s choice. To clarify brand image, one can get it digitally printed. Most of the companies prefer offset printing for their packaging which is equally attractive and can help a business in establishing their identity. It offers an extra touch to the brand, making a product more valuable, i.e. increasing the perceived value of the product.

What services need to be considered for printed boxes?

Packaging boxes for a company are important as one can achieve countless benefits out of it. Research shows that demand for cardboard packaging will further increase up to $67 billion from $15 billion worldwide in the coming year, i.e. by 2017. To provide customers with packaging solutions in order to fulfill customer’s needs, manufacturers offer a variety of services.

-    Material

Meeting the specific requirement of the clients is the ultimate goal of packaging and printing press. In order to meet the client’s expectations, the range of raw materials are provided to choose from;

  1. Cardboard/ paperboard: This material has the right amount of weight and strength for specific products. Therefore being old favorites of various customers.
  2. Corrugated cardboard: A popular option, chosen by the manufacturers and customers, features durability.
  3. Kraft: An eco-friendly packaging material, opted by companies for recycling benefit. This reduces the land waste.


-    Type

A packaging firm holds all kinds of packaging options for the buyers, i.e. Standard box packaging and custom box packaging are the available option. Competition in the market has increased the demand for custom printed boxes to be used as their unique packaging box. Some graceful packaging types include; regularly slotted, half slotted, overlapping lids and die-cut.

  1. Regular slotted: These types of boxes are utilized for shipping items like coffee mugs, cutlery, home shown piece, etc.
  2. Half slotted: These are similar to regular slotted boxes, have one set of flaps which allows the product to swipe into the box. These types of boxes are specifically designed for heavier items like computers, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.
  3. Overlapping Lids: This box is equipped with two top flaps (equal in length and breadth) that overlap each other, developing a strong and tight lid. These boxes are utilized for products that require extra- support.
  4. Die- cut: Using the die cutting method, the custom corrugated are often cut. For unique products, specialized die along with a press is used which develops boxes of a special shape.

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-    Printing

Marketing and branding goals of the client’s needs to be met when one has invested in packaging. When printing the design, the logo color scheme is used as the main set of colors. To provide elegantly printed boxes, a variety of inks can be utilized that include fast-drying water-based ink, biodegradable soy-based ink, and specialty UV inks. Different clients have different requirements, therefore different printing methods are used. These include;

  1. Printing: This is similar to rubber stamping where flexible rubber or polymer plates are utilized for stamping an image onto the cardboard.
  2. Screen printing: Having your box screen printed means that the ink is forced through the screen and onto the cardboard. With a stencil of the image, ink is poured onto the screen.
  3. Lamination: This is a widely used printing method where an image is printed on a separate piece of paper which is then glued onto the cardboard.

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Printed boxes offer a glossy and matte finish once produced and printed. Whatever is the size of the product, one can get it with extraordinary benefits from the right vendor. An elegantly produced packaging can fulfill the needs of the companies by offering them best packaging and printing solution with cost-effective advertising benefit. There is nothing more irritating than spending huge amounts at a store and getting cheap boxes for items to be put in. Printed boxes offer a sense of caring and professionalism from the business to the customer, hence should be beautiful and well- presenting.

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