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Why Should I Choose Business School In Dubai?

Are you planning to do an MBA? There is always an ongoing discussion among students about choosing the right institutions for their business studies. When it comes to business studies, most students prefer to study abroad.

The middle east region has become one of the fastest-growing business markets in the world.  Those who want to pursue an MBA in the middle east region look for business schools in Dubai. If you are looking for business schools in UAE, know about the career opportunities and scopes in this article.

Reasons to Do MBA in Dubai

There are several benefits of doing an MBA in the UAE, especially in Dubai. If you are not sure whether it’s a good option or not, continue reading.

Access to Foreign Universities Campus

First and foremost, one of the significant benefits is you have access to several international campuses. For instance, Dubai hosts campuses like Manchester Business School, London Business School Campus, and Manipal Universities, and more.

London Business School ranks third among the top business schools in the world, and Manchester Business School ranks 7th. As you will get access to these campuses, you will get many excellent career opportunities if you pursue your MBA in Dubai.

Dubai Is An International Business Center

Dubai is a hub for international businesses, and it’s one of the faster-growing economies in the world.  The UAE government invests in different sectors like health, education, the oil industry, and more. It has become one of the luxurious tourist destinations from a less popular place within a short span.

One of the best things about doing an MBA in UAE is that it has become one of the international hubs in the middle east region. Investors around the world want to invest capital in the oil reserve city.

Exposure to International Community

If you study in the UAE, you will have a lot of exposure to meet people from different parts of the world. As people from different countries live in Dubai, you will get the chance of making friends from your own country and from other countries as well. It will allow you to learn about their culture and lifestyle.

Another major benefit is you can make friends from other international colleges and universities that will increase your network. When you have a good network, you have more scopes and opportunities.

Tuition Fee

Among different advantages, you can study MBA in UAE with a reasonable tuition fee. If you compare the tuition fees of business studies in Dubai with the USA and Australia, it’s quite less. It’s one of the best things for people who cannot afford to study in the premier business schools. 

Even if the tuition fee is less than the other top business schools, the quality of study and the number of opportunities you get are not much affected. So, you can choose colleges in Dubai if you cannot afford high tuition fees.


Apart from tuition fees, Dubai also offers scholarships to both domestic and international students. There are many universities and business schools in Dubai, including the Universities of Wollongong, Dubai, and Cass Business School, Dubai.

Scholarships like Academic Excellence Scholarship, Islamic Finance Scholarships and Sports scholarships are offered to eligible candidates.


Now that you know several benefits of studying MBA in Dubai, you can conduct your own research and find the best business schools in Dubai. You can find reviews of different colleges and universities online. It will be better if you can contact the previous students of different institutions to know about their experiences in those colleges. If you want to ask something, please mention them below in the comments section. 

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