Why Should I Use QuickBooks In My Business?


There are several business accounting software programs on the market today, but the most widely used in North America is easily the popular QuickBooks software made by Intuit.

Why QuickBooks? 

QuickBooks is designed mainly to assist small and medium sized businesses in several important areas, including managing and paying bills, developing payroll functions and accepting and making payments.

It’s a great way for America’s small businesses to stay on top of financial matters and can aid bookkeepers greatly while managing several important money-based functions in the workplace.

Here are just a few ways that using QuickBooks by Intuit can help manage some of the most important functions of your small or medium sized business.

Why use QuickBooks?

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  • It’s Affordable. While many accounting software packages are quite expensive and difficult to manage, QuickBooks is anything but. The lower price tag is perfect for smaller and medium sized businesses that need quality financial software without having to spend a large amount of money.
  • It Saves Time. Once set up and functioning, QuickBooks can automatically handle several bookkeeping tasks for you and your business. While this isn’t true for some of the more complex financial matters, what it does handle automatically can save you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on rather tedious tasks.
  • It’s Easy To Use. QuickBooks is very user friendly and is quite easy to set up for your specific needs. Reports can easily be generated and < a rel=nofollow refs=https://quickbooks.intuit.com/ca/tutorials/custom-company-file/”>customized to your business</a> and financial documents are easy to view and retrieve when needed.

Before you hire a bookkeeper to take care of your company’s finances, there are several questions you should first ask yourself to ensure you’re finding the right person and/or firm for the job.

  • It’s Customizable. No matter what you want to do with your business, QuickBooks can help you achieve it. The software can easily be tailored to your needs, regardless of what industry you’re in and what clientele you cater and market to.
  • It Can Serve As An Online Bill Paying Service. If you enter your bank account information into the software, QuickBooks can be used to pay all of your monthly bills online without having to worry with envelopes, stamps and the like. You can also easily download your monthly statements to more easily reconcile income and expenses at the end of the month.
  • It Will Give You Peace Of Mind. With the reputation and reliability of both the software and the Intuit brand, you can rest easy knowing that you’re dealing with a reliable and proven product. It’s the most popular accounting software in the United States for a reason, with a quality customer service team standing behind it.
  • It Allows You To Accept Online Payments. With the QuickBooks software, you can easily receive payments online simply by sending an invoice or statement via email. Your customers can then pay with either a credit card or via a bank account transfer. Both are easy and convenient, for you and your customers/clients.

There are countless reasons for using QuickBooks in your small business, several of which we’ve detailed above. And regardless of what industry you’re in or what part of the country you call home, staying on top of your financial health is vitally important for any small business owner.

Give QuickBooks a try today and see what it can do for you and your business. Manage the software yourself or hire a professional bookkeeper to help you.

Either way, this quality software from Intuit can help you with all of your financial needs.