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Why Should Manufacturing Companies Adopt Technology

The charge of era adoption stays low withinside the MSME region, specially amongst production agencies. However, it's far vital for rising companies to research and undertake an era because it will let you optimise your enterprise techniques for higher price performance and returns. Following are a few motives why production agencies need to undertake era:

  • Digitisation will assist production companies make their attainment and thereby bring about multiplied revenue.
  • It will streamline the production system and enhance its usual performance. Productivity in phrases of producing output will upward thrust as well.
  • Investing in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) which include Human Resource Management System (HRMS) will make it simpler to deal with the HR functions.
  • Purchasing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software program will assist in preserving targeted engagement statistics with clients or customers without a great deal of hassle.
  • Implementing comparable software program answers will permit companies to deal with logistics and control delivery with ease. It can even simplify the procurement technique and production-associated operations.
  • The authorities are encouraging companies withinside the MSME region to end up extra tech-savvy. To attain this goal, the authorities are incentivising MSMEs via a subsidy scheme called Digital MSME Scheme.
  • Digitisation is neither as luxurious nor as price extensive as many MSME proprietors consider it to be. Signing up for cloud offerings will make sure an easy transition from the analogue to the virtual approaches of doing enterprise.

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What Are Some Technological Innovations that Can Revolutionise Manufacturing MSMEs?

Following are a few examples of technological improvements which have elevated the boom of producing companies globally and might assist MSMEs in India take their production functionality to a better level.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD):

CAD is an era that is being more and more applied via the means of many production companies. In 2018, the Maharashtra Government partnered with Autodesk to offer CAD and CAM software programs free of cost to MSMEs with an annual turnover of much less than ₹1 Crore. CAD comes prepared with all of the vital gear to satisfy the designing desires of all sorts of production sports that MSMEs undertake. Be it designing of vehicle parts, e-Rickshaws, fabric merchandise, bicycles, or kid's toys, CAD in conjunction with Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) will let you attain the subsequent objectives:

  • Create accurate, realistic, and purposeful product designs.
  • Help workout more manage over product variables which include dimensions, volume, and weight.
  • Minimise the opportunity of mistakes via way of means of walking the layout in a digital surroundings earlier than going beforehand with the producing system.
  • Save money and time which you might in any other case waste via means of experimenting with exclusive designs and getting to know from failure.
  • Share designs at once with different stakeholders and regulate them effortlessly after receiving their inputs.

3-d printing:

In recent years, 3-d printing has won mammoth recognition amongst producers for its versatility. 3-d printers use the easy era to provide a huge variety of merchandise at low-priced prices. Following are a few packages of 3-d printing era:

  • 3-D printing unearths use in production agencies in which they devise moulds that discover utility in aerospace and automobile industries.
  • It additionally serves the cause of 'agile tooling' normally utilized in a few sorts of production techniques. It approaches growing prototypes quickly and enhancing on preceding designs till it meets a specific fixture or tooling need.
  • The maximum superior use of 3-d printers is withinside the discipline of medication. It can create tissue-like systems to check the aspect outcomes of experimental drugs. It also can print prosthetics and orthopaedic implants that surgeons use to update frame organs. You may even expand medication tablets in particular to make use of brief dissolution for epilepsy patients.
  • 3-d printing is likewise extensively used withinside the production enterprise to create constructing additives that permit quicker meeting of systems.
  • 3-D printers can create add-ons which include telephone covers, display screen guards, and different home equipment.

Solar panels:

The Government of India is encouraging MSMEs to apply renewable power to address worldwide warming and meet its weather commitments. As a result, the usage of sun panels has multiplied exponentially throughout the country. Many companies are availing the monetary blessings that come in conjunction with this easy change. Following are a few approaches wherein it has made a distinction withinside the operations of MSMEs:

  • With companies suffering to carry their costs beneath neath manage, MSMEs that generate energy the use of sun panels have substantially reduced their industrial energy consumption.
  • Several MSMEs have decreased their tax legal responsibility which has been made feasible via means of authorities subsidy schemes that offer an elevated tax gain of 40% for adopting sun power.
  • Generating their sun power in-residence has made MSMEs self-reliant consistent with the Government's Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan.
  • The use of sun power has strengthened the logo picture of those MSMEs as customers think about them as accountable and surroundings-aware companies.


Robots are very slowly making headway into India's production enterprise. Some sectors that use robots consist of automobile, meals and packaging, electronics, banking, and schooling industries.

  • In the electronics enterprise, the robots kind objects, select out small additives, and place them in their precise places. Samsung, the cell and home equipment manufacturer, has hired eighty Epson robots in its Noida production unit.
  • In the automobile enterprise, robots are normally used at the meeting line and to tighten screws.
  • Robots discover sizable utility in banking and healthcare enterprises. The banking enterprise employs robots to select out dirty foreign money notes normally discarded via the means of ATMs, locate them on gadget counters, strap them collectively and save them in their rightful places. Robots also are considerably used withinside the healthcare enterprise to carry out habitual surgical procedures. In fact, the marketplace for robot-assisted surgical procedures is in all likelihood to touch the ₹2600 Crore mark via means of 2024.

What Should Be Your Next Steps?

Research on modern thoughts you've got in thoughts at the net to supply for extra information.

Identify which technological innovation applies for your enterprise.

Perform targeted calculations that element withinside the comfort of adopting a specific era, its effect on the producing output, and the way lengthy it's going to take to begin giving returns on investment.

Check your eligibility for any relevant authorities subsidy scheme earlier than going beforehand with the purchase.

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