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Why Should One Choose To Crack IAS Exam As His Topmost Goal?

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Everyone has a goal that they chase for, and upon achieving that, they call it a success. There are various career options available, but there is something special about choosing govt. service not only for money but the eagerness to serve as govt. The employee has given a proud feeling.


After schooling and college phase completion, students start preparing for the IAS exam. Cracking an IAS exam is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires continuous effort, dedication, patience, and persistence. IAS exam is one of India’s toughest exams, and it is a real challenge for a brilliant, hard-working student.

IAS exam gives power, prestige, handsome salary, respect, and an excellent chance to change society, thereby removing the evilest action. An IAS officer has the responsibility of an area to make it crime-free, corruption-free, take immediate actions in uncontrolled violent situations. IAS has to take the quick decision sometimes too.


An honest IAS officer can make real development and support the citizens to work freely. IAS controls the usage of govt. Money and takes strict actions against corrupt people.


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Role of an IAS

  • An IAS officer implements the govt. Policies in a very most straightforward way.
  • IAS is one who makes new policies and accordingly orders the citizens to follow in their area.
  • An IAS officer is the central pillar of govt. Work for the whole life for the government.
  • IAS officer takes care of sensitive issues in their locality and takes strict actions suitably.

Now the interesting question is why students want to crack the IAS exam in their career? There are several benefits in terms of respect and bright career, which readers can read below.


A - Power

Yes! It is true that without power, you would not be able to make changes in society. Even if you try to do so, no one will listen or give value to your words. Moreover, the strong and evilest person will dominate you and does not let you do the good. So, it is essential to work with power and with IAS tag no one will stop you from making a new decision. We are under the constitution that gives you power. Your sub-ordinate will follow you, and it becomes quite easy for you to bring changes in society for the welfare of people.


B - Prestige

Becoming an IAS is in the list of hard-working student for a long. It gives prestige in the society; you will be allotted a respected vehicle with a red siren. It’s a proud moment for your family that people keep hopes from you. You become an utmost responsible person for a specific area of your duty. People will give respect to your position and your hard work.



C - Salary

Who don’t want to get rid of a bad financial situation? IAS exam allows youngsters to serve their country. In return of which, Govt. pays a handsome salary and perks to IAS officers, Apart from these, they get various allowances like transport allowance, good amount of HRA, foreign allowance etc. Not only high salary, even they get full time security to their residence. They are even invited in high level meetings by govt. Departments for which they are paid extra. 


So, overall IAS exam provides best opportunity to serve your country if you are unable to become a politician. Even though, IAS gets a good massive respect than a politician. Go and work hard consistently and chase this dream of becoming an IAS as your topmost goal.

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