Why Should You Choose Digital Marketing As A Career?


Digital marketing is one of the booming sectors of the current time. With the changing dynamics of economics and marketing, definitely digital marketing is catching up and a thing of future. Digital marketing does stand a ground of the “hype” and more and more brands these days are turning towards digital marketing, realizing its effectiveness. companies are using digital even more than before, thus creating a vast sea of opportunities in this sector.

Though digital marketing involves connecting with the customers and building a long-lasting relationship with the customers, which is similar to the traditional marketing, but the growing need of internet usage and its penetration makes it a must for brands to divert their attention on the digital marketing front. Not just that but it also allows the companies to see the results with more clarity and measure the results more accurately than traditional marketing.

More than this its cost-effective and it has a larger reach of the audience than traditional marketing and to add there the shelf time of the digital space media is longer as well comparatively.

Overview of the digital marketing career and the profiles:

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It involves using various strategies to generate a high amount of traffic for the website and getting itself ranked in the search engine. Optimizing the web page is a very pivotal aspect of digital marketing.

2. PPC (Pay Per Click advertising)

PPC is a way of generating clicks to your website, using search engine advertising rather than earning those clicks organically. PPC is good for searchers, advertisers, and search engines as well!


3. Email marketing

It is a very good way to keep in touch with the customers and keep them posted about the brands. It too helps in new client acquisition. Sending periodic newsletter, email campaign and autoresponders to its subscribers about any new addition/update on its product and services does play a role in effective marketing.

4. Social media marketing

SSM is one of the popular and widely used marketing tools. Using social sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter to create a brand image of the company is highly effective.

5. Mobile marketing

It is one of the catching up trends with the growing penetration of the mobile and an effective way to keep customers updated on various promotions.

6. Content marketing

As it is rightly said that content is the king! It is the content that get you costumers intrigued to open any article and get hooked on to it.

Reasons to build your career in digital marketing

1. Become a highly In-demand professional

With the growing demand and popularity of digital marketing, this has created a lot of space for job opportunities. Also, the number of jobs available are more than skilled manpower, so this demand-supply gap has created a lot of job opportunities in this space. the shift and changing dynamics have brought up the focus on going digital. So, why not grab this trend?

2. Money aspect

Digital marketing is like the hot cake, thus making it a sector lucrative for money part as well, as demand for digital marketing professionals is exceeding supply.  In a recent survey, it was found that the digital marketing demand is taking a pace more post-2014, this leaves a room to negotiate the salary to some great extend!

3. One can kick-start their own career

Unlike in traditional marketing, where one has to wait to get some hands-on experience before kick-starting on their own, in the digital marketing arena, the case is so totally different. Digital marketing offers a host of opportunities before you set foot in the workplace to start on your own.

Building your own social media presence, contributing to meaningful conversations and creating your own blog goes a long way to build a good foundation.  Also, Google’s Analytics program certification is also value-adding.

4. It can never be out-dated

As the changing dynamics is taking the curtain off the traditional mode of doing business. Everything these days are getting digitized and taking a shift from offline to online, so this makes it a must for digital sales. The future belongs to digital sales and it’s like a rising star. So, that makes it a star point to build one’s career in digital space as the industry is here to grow and with that one can surely expect to grow his/her career as well.

5. Work-life balance

If one is looking for digital marketing space in terms of work-life balance, then it provides a good scope. Digital marketing is very time effective, it provides a very brilliant way to know about the actual results of the campaign, cost to recover is very less and above all its very time effective. All this makes up for a work-life balance, as with the ease of technology it's all done at a fast pace.

Digital marketing seeks to offer the most

Whether it’s marketing professional, sales professional, entrepreneurs, business head, IT professionals or HR managers…it seeks to serve all. Digital marketing course is a global or rather universal way to seek out to all. Professionals from the various areas of their life can be benefited from the course in their respective fields.