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Why Should You Continue SEO During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

No business has remained unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Owners have been forced to shut shop, let their employees work from home, and even stop all operations for a few months. Everyone is facing financial uncertainty and worried about whether their business would survive such a global crisis. In such a circumstance, it is natural to scale back on some of your expenses and try to save money. Marketing is one of the first aspects of business people compromise on.

While the pandemic has slowed businesses down, this isn’t a good time to cut corners on marketing and especially not SEO. Here are some reasons why you need to continue maintaining a strong online presence:

1. People Are Online

People are spending more time online now than they ever did. They have time on their hands and are looking for things to do. They read articles, watch videos, endeavor to learn new things and find entertainment wherever possible. If people are online, you need SEO to remain relevant and that is even more important now. You have a better chance of catching and keeping their attention now that they have more time on their hands.

2. Products and Services are Still Needed

Almost every industry has suffered because of the pandemic in different ways, but that doesn’t mean there’s no demand for products or services. In fact, Statista reports that people have spent more than the usual amount of time on several products and services like:

  • Health and Hygiene – 43% in the US, 36% in the UK, and 33% in Germany.
  • Food and Drinks – 31% in the US, 32% in the UK, and 22% in Germany.
  • Household Cleaning Products – 40% in the US, 30% in the UK, and 18% in Germany.
  • Home Entertainment – 26% in the US, 21% in the UK, and 20% in Germany.*

Other product categories like hobbies, housing, energy, consumer electronics, clothing, investments, and insurance have also attracted a lot of attention. Businesses in all of these industries need to maintain a strong online presence.

3. Your Rankings can Slip

SEO requires consistent upgrades and attention. You can’t just set it and forget it because the internet is an ever-evolving world. Websites that rank high today may not be in the same position tomorrow. The most successful and prominent websites always maintain their SEO, optimize their online presence, and ensure they are on top of their campaign.

While businesses can slow down or come to a near standstill, the internet community will keep moving forward, which is why businesses can't afford to let their guard down. Keep investing in SEO to maintain or improve your ranking. Use this time and opportunity to establish a stronger presence by investing in a strong content marketing and social media marketing campaign.

Optimize your website, refine your online presence, and eliminate any problematic obstacles before things return to normalcy. You will be in a much stronger position when things get back on track.

4. Things Will Eventually Get Back to Normal

Yes, the business world and economy will eventually get back to normal. Human beings have been through natural disasters, pandemics, and other such devastating forces before and still come out on the other side. That is not going to change now, not when technology has made things so much easier.

If you maintain consistent SEO, returning to normalcy will be easier. You will be able to soar above your competition and gain more traction.

As you can see, there are several reasons why maintaining SEO is a good idea even during a pandemic. If you already have a strong campaign, you just need to ensure it is up-to-date and delivering consistent results, which doesn’t require much investment.

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