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Why Should You Develop a Career in Facial Aesthetics

Developing Career in Facial Aesthetics

Over the past few years, medical practitioners have realized the significance of adopting a harmonious approach to offer patient care in order to improve the end results. This implies the services of a dentist is no longer just about treating gums and teeth. They can also utilize their skills and experience to offer comprehensive care pertaining to facial rejuvenation therapies of the patients and develop more advanced career practices. Previously patients need to consult with different practitioners in order to gain desired aesthetic results, these have resulted in unsatisfactory and disjointed outcomes. However, the scenarios have been changed over the years with the introduction of several courses such as fat fillers training courses and fat grafting courses. With unparalleled levels of anatomical experience and practical knowledge on the facial region the medical practitioners now can provide facial rejuvenation therapies after taking hands-on advanced short term training on aesthetics.

What is Fat and Dermal Filler?

Dermal filler is often called as soft tissue fillers are elements developed to be injected beneath the skin surface to add fullness and volume. Hyaluronic acids, polylactic acid, and polyalkylimide gel are popular substances for dermal fillers. Different kinds of dermal fillers are used to treat signs of aging. Plumping up thinning lips, softening the look of recessed scars and filling in shallow areas on the face are the common challenges treated with dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are nonsurgical treatment, whereas fat filler or transfer contains a surgical procedure. This procedure includes a collection of the fat from the other parts of the body and transferring them onto the face of the patients. The fat is generally harvested from the buttocks or thighs through liposuction. Dermal filler does not require incisions or local anesthesia and long term recoveries are not also important. On the other hand, fat transfer requires more recovery time than dermal fillers. Stitches are needed to seal the incision site. Therefore, fat fillers training courses and fat grafting courses are necessary to perform these jobs with precision and utmost care.

How the Courses Would Benefit You

Careers in facial aesthetics can be extremely rewarding which are often overlooked. The facial aesthetic industry continues to grow every year and holds immense opportunities. Facial aesthetics segment is developing medical subspecialty which applies minimally invasive treatments to augment the appearance of patients. Therefore, non-evasive procedures like dermal and fat fillers remain popular surgical techniques who desire to look at their best irrespective of their gender and age. Fat fillers training courses and fat grafting courses would help you to possess the necessary skills and get acquainted with the latest technologies.

Stand Out from the Others

There are several avenues to utilize training in facial aesthetics. While any course can undoubtedly open up several opportunities to understand your full potential in the industry, you must also think about investing further in certification to gain substantial knowledge and stand out from the rest of the crowd. Fat fillers training courses and fat grafting courses by IICSAM offers delegates a chance to enhance their skill level on dermal fat fillers and dermal fillers while mastering different techniques to deliver the desired result.


Embarking on different career journey can be a challenging and overwhelming journey but it is definitely possible to be successful in facial aesthetics segment with substantial hands-on training and advanced courses. Therefore if you are a dentist or a medical practitioner who is planning to make a career in facial aesthetics or deciding to advance new career avenues in the cosmetic industry? Then fat fillers training courses and fat grafting courses would help you to make a lucrative career in the world of aesthetic cosmetics.

Dr. Satya Saraswat Dr Satya Saraswat is Board Certified Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon. His qualifications are MBBS, MS, MCh, DNB (Gold Medalist). He is routinely performing all these surgeries at his Hospital at Agra. He is also a DHA (Dubai Health Authority) Licenced Specialist Plastic Surgeon and is attached to a few clinics in Dubai also. He helped setting up the first Hair Transplant Clinic in Central & East Africa. He specializes in Hair Transplant Surgery and other cosmetic & Aesthetic surgeries. He is a member of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery), Member of ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), an Associate and examiner for American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ABHRS) and Member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).
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