Monday, December 4, 2023
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The industrial and construction sector has come a long way with steel and steel structures, but over time, these structures got more defined and better in strength, thanks to all the new technology. This led to the birth of steel framing systems that started being the literal skeleton of a building or any tall structure, irrespective of the domain, for example, housing societies, office spaces and much more.

A good group of builders will ensure they use the best of their people and equipment and the best raw material available, especially the steel structures used in the construction. This article emphasizes why almost all construction sites use these steel frames and how beneficial they have proven. This is because of a constant debate between using steel structures v/s a wooden one. It is important to understand that steel is any day better than wood, especially in terms of factors like strength, which will be further explained in the following sections.


Why investing in steel framing systems will benefit the structure?

     Affordability: The first thing that comes to mind when businesses or potential homeowners think of construction is the construction costs they will have to incur. It is not as small as if they want the best material in the market to be used for their space, and they need to invest in it.

This is where the steel framing systems come in as they are very affordable as compared to other material frames to be used. They come well within budget, which reduces overall costs, and the business or homeowner can put the saved money into something else, for example, appliances for the space.

     Corrosion-resistant: These structures are bound to have good moisture resistance based on their properties. This is dependent on the brand of steel being used, as the carbon content may vary depending on the manufacturer. 

Some manufacturers coat the rods with heated zinc (Zn)  and other thermal treatments, which will ensure the coating resists the moisture from depositing on its surface or seeping through it. These anti-rust coatings will help keep the structure strong for many years.

     Durable and strong: When a steel weight-bearing is compared to a wooden equivalent, it is observed that the steel one is 30-50% lighter but more durable as compared to wood. Wooden structures can easily get affected by moisture which can cause fractures and spots of failures that could eventually bring down the entire establishment with one small force. This could be very dangerous in the future, so investing in good steel framing systems is so important.

They are durable and have the strength to resist even the strongest of forces that occur naturally. They will keep the structure firm and give it a longer lifespan.

     Resonance and vibrations: People might be aware of the general criteria for strength and good quality of materials like resistance to impact, water, and so on, but another critical mechanical factor to consider is the resistance to vibrations.

Yes, vibrations can also be equally, in fact, more damaging than other forms of damage the structure might take. When the vibration on the ground surface starts slowing reaching the natural frequency of the steel structure, then there could be a point of resonance where the entire frame structure might fracture at a critical point and collapse the building. It is the phenomenon that allows earthquakes to impact large buildings.


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