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Why Tamari Is the Best Soy Sauce

Tamari has a unique flavour that is great as a versatile seasoning to a range of different entrees, sauces and soups. Tamari is similar to soy sauce, only a bit darker and thicker in appearance and richer in flavour. Tamari also referred to as the “original” soy sauce of Japan because of its close association to the soy sauce that was initially introduced to the Japanese market from China.

Tamari is a great option when looking for a gluten-free soy sauce. Many reasons make Tamari an outstanding seasoning, so here are some of the main reasons Tamari should be in your cupboard!

Tamari is Wheat-Free

The most premium form of Japanese soy sauce would be tamari. The seasoning is made from fermented soybeans. As most of the brands selling this product doesn’t use wheat, it can be incorporated into a gluten-free diet. If you have gluten intolerance then Tamari is a great sauce alternative.

Tamari Has a Better Taste

Tamari has a unique process in how it is fermented and made. Because of these reasons, Tamari is more rich and smooth, unlike the average soy sauce. It also has a less salty taste which makes it more versatile when cooking or simply using as a side sauce.

Good for Health

The organic brands of Tamari do not use any kind of MSG or preservatives. It makes the product free from condiments and other sauces that can contain high amounts of different additives. The good news is that Tamari won’t harm your health.

Tamari Has Protein

Tamari is a product of fermented soybeans. People are well aware that soybeans are rich in proteins. People claim that Tamari contains 30 per cent more protein as compared to any average soy sauce.

Tamari Makes Cooking Better

As compared to other kinds of soy sauces with additives, you will not find Tamari to be very salty even in temperatures that are very high. It can maintain its flavour throughout the cooking process. Therefore it is an excellent option for stir-fries and other kinds of dishes. Tamari is also great for aiding in the digestion of vegetables and fruits as it has several nutrients like trptophan, manganese, protein and vitamin B3.

How to Use Tamari in Recipes

Tamari contains excellent cooking qualities. Here are some tips that you can follow in order to bring a great flavour to your dishes.

• Substitute of Salt – You can use Tamari instead of salt whenever your recipe calls for salt. Tamari has a low sodium count which makes it an ideal salt substitute that won’t compromise the flavour of the dish.

• Dip and Dressing – It has already been established that Tamari is quite thick as compared to other kinds of soy sauce. Therefore, it is an excellent dipping sauce for foods such as spring rolls. It is also great as a dressing for foods like soba noodles and salads.

• Cooking Oil – The aroma of Tamari remains intact even when it is microwaved or cooked. Certain bland foods like tofu and shitake mushrooms will receive an enhanced flavour when combined with Tamari.

Tamari is a great option when you want to enhance the flavour of your food in a healthy and delicious way.When looking for a tasty and healthy gluten-free soy sauce, look into trying Tamari and taste the difference for yourself.

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