Why Technology Is Crucial In The Fight Against Cancer


It is probably impossible to find a person who has not been impacted by Cancer. The disease has taken countless lives and still remains without a cure. There are millions of people and dollars working to fight against this deadly disease. A crucial part of this fight is the use of technology. Our current world has technology all around us. To the surprise of many, technology may be a huge weapon in this battle. There are numerous ways that technology is crucial in the fight against cancer. 

Awareness and Education

Technology plays a huge role in the awareness of cancer. Technology has made cancer awareness go far beyond the month of October. The internet if full of websites that education people on the risk factors surrounding breast cancer. Tools like InstantPHR have a built in recommendation engine that puts together patients’ information combined with any conditions they may have. Hospitals now have the ability to use the internet to make patients aware of appointments, lab results, medications, payments and much more. Patients also have the ability to communicate with their provider without being face to face. Technology plays a powerful role in keeping people educated and aware. 

Appointment Scheduling 

People today are more on the go than ever before. People today have little time to make appointments or keep track of when those appointments will happen. Advances in technology have changed this. Hospitals now can use the internet to help create patients portals. These portal allow patients to make appointments from the comfort of their home at their own convenience. The days of calling the doctor's office and remaining on hold to make an appointment are long gone. If you are a cancer patient this could be crucial. A person going through cancer treatment will most likely not have the energy to go through a lengthy process to schedule an appointment. Also they may be dependent on someone else to help make those appointments. Advances in technology allow patients to even get notifications via their smartphone when earlier appointments become available. Regardless of your network virtualization technology is a great aid for appointment scheduling.  

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The Nanoparticle Revolution

Technology has played a huge role in the nanoparticle revolution. Nanoparticles are small microscopic particles that have gained lots of attention in the medical world. These particles give scientists hope to develop precise and less invasive methods of defeating cancer. Doctors now can target cancer cells with no risk of harming healthy cells in the surrounding environment. Scientists now have created nanoparticles to create very focus and intense treatment for patients. Many doctors believe this treatment could be game-changing in the fight against cancer. Technology is clearly making helping in the fight against this disease. 

Cancer Diagnosis 

Technology has helped to made the diagnosis of cancer much easier. Cancer diagnosis needs to be both early and accurate. To accomplish this both great healthcare facilities and new diagnosis technologies are needed. As technology continues to advance this process is becoming easier. Technology has allowed for advances that include fluid biopsy, real-time cancer-diagnostics, and the understanding of genetic and lifestyle causes of the disease. While their is still lots of work to be done in diagnosing this deadly disease, technology has provide a huge advance in this area. 

As the world continues to look for an answer to cancer, it is clear that technology has been critical in getting closer to this important day. Technology has helped to educate and make people aware of the disease. It has made it easier to communicate and schedule treatment and has made it easier to diagnosis the disease. While their is still a long way to go, technology has helped the world get closer to a cure for cancer.