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Why Thailand is Best for Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga teacher training certifications gain a new edge when conducted in Thailand. From the stunning backgrounds to combined training, karma yoga opportunities, and more, read why Thailand is an ideal Yoga TTC venue.

Yoga teacher training courses are more than your usual drop-in classes, especially because YTT warrant an ambiance. The question of which place is it going to be that you take your 1-2 months training at, is as important as which school and which teachers are they going to be on a yoga teacher training. In that regard, we present to you Thailand- the land of eternal smiles, a straight month or two in this beautiful land just can’t be anything short of amazing.

Home to giant Buddha statues, a landscape of golden pagodas, and temples resonating with peace and inner composure, Thailand has the ideal vibe. For a bonus, you have the opulence of nature’s beauty, a plethora of festivities to participate and up your spirits with, and a great-tasting local cuisine.

Here is what Thailand holds for all you wonderful yoga people in the world---

Provision Of A Combined Hatha Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

Hatha and Ashtanga yoga are the two main paradigms of self-discipline in the corpus of ancient yogic philosophy. Hatha includes force-based movements which signify human will over chaotic forces of nature and Ashtanga Yoga, signifying a detailed set of physical practices, prescribed moral-ethical conduct, and the final goal of samadhi- the supreme state of consciousness.

Thailand-goers would be lucky because it’s all there for your opting at the best yoga teacher training in Thailand. When you bring yourself up in the principles of these two fundamental yogic schools, the rest of the derivative styles would be easy to master.

There’s truly something for every passionate yogi in a joint training of Hatha and Ashtanga-- basics, challenge, moving meditation, and code for moral-ethical conduct. Become the best yogi you can!

Temples Dedicated To Buddhist Ethics

While all religions in the world preach humanity, faith in the benevolent divine, and a way of life governed by goodness, Buddhism is especially notable for its core tenet of peace. There are innumerable gorgeous temples that seat the Buddha in his eternal glory. The beautiful, mystical shrine of Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai, the spiritual cave temple of Dragon Cave, Phang Nga, The Tiger Cave Temple, Krabi, or Doi Inthanon of Ban Luang are just some of the great spots where you can pay reverence to the Buddhist religious culture in your own way.

An Out-Of-the-World Backdrop

Thailand presents a diverse geographical backdrop. Though the stunning beaches in the ‘land of smiles’ mostly define the country’s fame as a place of tourist interest in the world, there are other unexplored sides that only the best yoga ttc in Thailand can reveal. Come and explore the mirth in the historical city of Chiang Mai in mountainous northern Thailand, visit the Khmer built Hindu temple sanctuary on the extinct volcano at Phanom Rung, backpack between your yoga to Thailand’s most beautiful wildlife reserves at the Khao Sok National Park.

Make your Instagrams of Thailand a notch different from the rest.

Oodles Of Peace and Love From The Locals

Thailand boasts of a warm and loving tourist culture because of all thanks to the country’s locals. Once you break free of the city borders and enter the interiors of the country, there will only be the goodwill of the locals to depend on and it works. Lower crime rates, communal hatred, and women security of Thailand make the country on top of the list places to visit for all solo travelers and women.

Food That Tastes So Good You Remember It

Good food is a happy memory and Thailand lives up to it. Also, don’t believe any one who says they have tasted authentic Thai food if they haven’t been to the country. It’s a class apart!

Participating In Festivities Of International Fame

You won’t be wrong to associate Thailand’s culture with fun and socializing. From Songkran, the water festival to Yi Ping- the festival of lights, the Thai festivals calendar is full of strange and colorful events. No matter whether you are up for a Hatha or Ashtanga yoga teacher training in Thailand, giving these festivities a miss will be a huge miss.

The World is Made A Better Place With Karma Yoga

Thailand’s tourist culture is not hollow of moral value. The county has places opened up for the volunteers to come and teach children in need, work for rescue in elephant sanctuaries and environmental preservation, sustainable living, and much more. Karma Yoga is sure great in this country.

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