Why the Basic Attention Token Has Become So Popular



If you were an early adopter of cryptos then you probably bought into Bitcoin many years ago, and the chances are you made a decent return. Ever since BTC rose, people have been looking around to see which cryptocurrency might offer another opportunity to make big profits from small investment opportunities.

There are more than 4,000 cryptos to choose from, but if we had to suggest one right now, it would be BAT. This token has become extremely popular in a brief space of time, and here is why.

It is Helping to Combat a Real-World Privacy Problem

Advertising is advertising, and of course, it plays a role in the world. The issue is that online advertising has now become intrusive to the point where our activity is being tracked. Agencies monitor what we are doing online and use or sell this information so they can target us with ads linked to our interests and activity.

BAT is the cryptocurrency used as a currency on the Brave Browser. Brendan Eich, the man behind Javascript, created both. That browser is giving people more control over the advertising that they receive, blocks ads and trackers, and gives advertisers a unique way to gain exposure without being intrusive.

      Users can choose to accept ads and get paid in the BAT cryptocurrency. Owners of the crypto can then tip, contribute, or pay to support brave-enabled web creators making this a great way to earn BAT.

      Brave also has a ‘true’ private browsing mode. Working alongside the Tor, this browser hides your IP altogether.

      The Brave browser is also much faster than its competitors. In fact, it is 6 times faster thanks to blocking so many ads and trackers.

Downloads of the Brave Browser Have Already Exceeded 100 Million

Another reason people are excited about BAT is because they already have a functional product. Many cryptocurrencies are based on theoretical products, systems, solutions that have not materialised yet. BAT already has one in the Brave Browser that has been downloaded by enough people to fill a medium-sized country.

We can use the browser on Windows, Mac and Linux computers and on iOS and Android mobile devices. Being available across a wide range of platforms and offering the privacy that it does, means that people are buying into BAT.

People Use It

Download stats are just that. How do we know that people have tried it out and then uninstalled it? Well, for one, you can see from the reviews and ratings in the respective stores that it is proving popular by those that download it.

As an example, it might be currently ranked 28th of all mobile browsers in the Google Play store, but it has one of the highest ratings. It has 4.5 stars, putting it level with Opera, Phoenix, and Microsoft Edge. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox both have 4 stars only.

You can also get an idea of how much it is used by the circulation of BAT on the Brave network. Users on average earn $5 per month when using the browser and accepting unobtrusive ads to watch. They can spend those funds on the network.

It is Being Adopted by Increasing Numbers of Content Publishers

For the BAT system to work, it not only needs users but also publishers for the ecosystem to flourish. This is certainly happening as there are now close to 900,000 brave Browser Publishers. More than half of those are on YouTube while there are over 63,000 websites, 100,000 Twitter publishers. The rest are split around Twitch, Reddit, Vimeo and GitHub.

To show you how much it has grown, in 2019 the total number of publishers was 200,000. This means adoption has increased close to 5x in a year. What will it be like in 2021?

It is an Affordable Cryptocurrency That Should Increase in Value

The last reason is simple. BAT is still a very cheap cryptocurrency to get hold of. Traders that might not even use the Brave Browser will know that there will be some money to be made as adoption increases and the value of BAT follows suit.

This is also splendid news for those using the browser and earning their free BAT just for watching ads. If they do not spend the tokens, they can simply cash them in down the line at a cryptocurrency exchange. Still, we suggest holding on to them as the value could increase to big numbers in the future. You only have to look at Bitcoin as an example.