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Why to Learn the Chinese Language?

The ability to speak Chinese can open a variety of opportunities for you, from business to friendships, from culture to adventure. Learning Chinese now is a must!

Things to know

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, Chinese culture became one of the most established and influential cultures on the planet. In terms of population, China has the most people in the world at 1.28 billion Among the most common languages in the world, Chinese is the second most common.

In addition to being the most widely spoken language in the world, Mandarin Chinese is spoken as a first language by more than 873 million people. There are Chinese communities in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, and Mongolia, besides China and Taiwan. It is the second-largest economy in the world after the United States

A major US trading partner in China is the United States. There are numerous US companies operating and investing in China. While many people think it is one of the hardest languages to learn, it is actually quite easy to get going. Learning Chinese only takes a few weeks, and students can already speak some of the languages.

Top reasons for learning the Chinese Language

1.      Traveling to China

It is advantageous to learn Mandarin to be able to travel independently throughout China's mesmerizing landscape. If you learn Mandarin instead of the usual tourist language, you may be able to experience the "real China" on your travels. You don't need to speak the language well to be welcomed by the locals; they will appreciate your effort.

2.      Explore the culture of China

A familiarity with China's history and culture is reflected in its appreciation around the globe. Chinese language learning allows you to explore China's rich cultural heritage through acclaimed novels, short stories, poems, films, television programs, and music.

3.      Business in China

Despite China's boom and its status as a global superpower, the nation has taken over 35 years to transform into the largest global economy, which has allowed Western Mandarin-speaking businessmen to profit from the wealth of the nation.

Working in China

China has welcomed foreign investment and economic cooperation by opening itself up to the world. Thus, there is an enormous need for people skilled at bridging this gap between China and the world.

4.      Improve your CV

Taking Chinese classes can transform you into a valuable asset for a China-related project, and you'll demonstrate your tremendous intellect, giving you the edge over others.



5.      Chinese is easier to learn than ever before

Mandarin learning used to be a challenging process involving large dictionaries, endless character lists, and poorly recorded audio tapes. Modern technology makes it easier than ever to learn Chinese as an English Speaker. With the help of TCB and other platforms, including Pleco, the way students study Chinese has been revolutionized by encouraging the little and often approach with greater benefits. is an informative portal that provides the translation of most commonly spoken words in almost 100 plus languages.

6.      Reach a billion people

Chinese is the only language that allows one to truly appreciate the culture and history of China. There are approximately 1.3 billion Chinese across China who speak Chinese as their first language!

7.      Create friendships

Mandarin opens the door to connecting with many people around the world, not just in Asia!

8.      Good exercise for the brain

According to studies, learning Chinese requires the use of more parts of the brain than learning other languages. Since Chinese and English have so many differences, from tones to characters, learning Chinese requires more brain power! Speakers of English predominantly use only their left temporal lobe, while those of Mandarin use their both. In addition, recognizing characters will keep the mind sharp, as well as improve motor skills.





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