Why Turning To Metal Packaging Manufacturers Helps Our Environment

metal packaging manufacturers

Over recent years, more and more businesses are trying to shift away from plastic packaging in favour of metal packaging manufacturers. Although there are many reasons for this, one of the main factors is that metal packaging is much better for our environment.

If your business wants to make the shift, then here is why metal packaging is a much better alternative to plastic packaging:

The Environmental Factor

Beginning with the biggest benefit, metal and steel packaging is completely recyclable as opposed to plastic packaging. According to Ocean Conservancy, there is about 8 million tons of plastic that is dumped into the ocean each year. That is on top of the already 150 million tons of plastic that is circulating in our oceans. Plastic packaging also contains harmful toxins and is not biodegradable.

It is a Sustainable Material

Metal packaging, such as micro drums, tin cans and open head pails, can have a never-ending life cycle as it is 100% recyclable. When no longer needed, plastic packaging is discarded into a bin and then sent to sit in a landfill.

Metal packaging and closures that are made from steel and aluminium are instead sent to various recycling centres once they are disposed of. They are then crushed, separated, purified and used to make new steel products or steel packaging. This is all done without any loss to the quality of the material.

Unmatched Durability and Strength

Another huge benefit of using metal packaging manufacturers is that steel packaging has superior strength and durability over plastic packaging. This is especially ideal for businesses that manufacture potentially hazardous or dangerous products such as paint, solvents and other forms of chemicals.

Metal packaging provides incredible protection against external threats during transportation such as rain, accidentally being dropped from a pallet or being stacked incorrectly. It also protects the contents inside during storage from threats including liquid entering from being stored in very humid areas, dust particles in the air and extreme temperature changes during the day and night.

Ideal for Sensitive Products

Steel and metal packaging are not just ideal for hazardous products but also sensitive products such as tinned foods, dried coffee, powdered baby formula and other forms of milk powders. For example, steel tin cans contain an inner steel coating that provides a strong barrier which is resistant to oxygen. This has many benefits such as keeping nutrients and freshness locked inside, and preserving the product for longer shelf life.

It is Customisable

Depending on the manufacturer, metal packaging can be customised to your specific needs. You can add various closures and fittings such as child-proof caps or pourers to enhance your product and make it more functional. You can also customise your metal packaging with UV lithographic metal printing services, design it your exact shape and size requirements, and much more.

If you haven’t already joined the many businesses switching to metal packaging, search online for metal packaging manufacturers that can assist you with all your packaging needs today.