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Why Use Accounts Payable?

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If your company is responsible for processing large volumes of invoices today, you need to have the best AP software that you can find on the market. In fact, both small and large companies can benefit greatly from effective and efficient accounts payable software applications today, and here is why.

Paper Invoice Processing is Outdated

Over the last several decades, individuals and business organizations have developed a wide range of different innovative software applications that have impacted virtually every sector in the business world. These software applications are now being used in many of the best and most competitive companies across the globe. In fact, the use of transferring paperwork from one organization to another is quickly being replaced with its digital counterpart. The same is true for many of today’s accounts payable processes since invoices can now be processed via AP workflow processes that even eliminates the need for a physical signature to approve payments.

Additionally, you should also know that the small business owner is replacing the older manual AP paper processes, too. This is the case for those owners who are presently using account payable software products like Quickbooks Accounts Payable and others to efficiently manage their invoices and billing systems. Therefore, if any business is still holding on to the older manual processes, they may find that they are at a huge disadvantage sooner than later, especially when competing with other small businesses in the same or similar industries.

2. AP Automation is the Norm, Not the Exception

AP automation is not considered to be the exception for a small or large business today. Actually, for those small businesses that have done their homework, they are already using the latest software applications or seeking to switch over to a new customized AP to enhance the processing and management of their invoices and billing systems. Actually, as more and more companies are switching to paperless systems, it makes it difficult for any company to do business with others, particularly if they cannot electronically transmit their invoices for payment and tracking purposes.

What does AP Automation Do?

With the transition to the new software application, it is common for the business owner and their representatives to want to know what AP automation does. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information on this topic online that can help to answer this question and more. Some of the most beneficial info can also help you to understand which AP automation applies to your specific organization.

AP automation is designed to eliminate the hard copy invoices that employees process to pay their accounts. Based on the design of the AP software, there are specific steps that the employee or user must follow to input the information accurately so that the bills can be paid accurately and on time. This software product is not only beneficial for increasing the accuracy of the data that is input but also retrieving this information in report form. For instance, once this information is collected in an AP Account database, the business owner will have an opportunity to extract data that will show exactly the amount that was paid for a specific day, month, or year.

Pros and Cons to the Transition

Transitioning from the older manual invoice processing has many different advantages that business owners and their employees are pleased with readily. It makes the work much easier to complete and its accurate information if it is input correctly. So, you can expect to see many benefits to incorporating the AP software solutions into your business operations. However, there are some drawbacks to transitional over that you need to be aware of. One of the most common and notable involves the initial work in transitioning the old paper process to the new software application that has been selected since it takes time and effort to do it smoothly with no problems. In some cases, these changes can be very costly initially to the business owner but the advantages in the future can easily outweigh the cost of making these changes.


There are many reasons why a business owner should use Accounts Payable software solutions in their operations today. Some of the most beneficial include completely eliminating old outdated paper manual processes with an automated solution that is easier to use and retrieve essential information.

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