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Why Use an Online Examination System?

Why Use an Online Examination System?

Online examinations are good for assessment.  It is an ideal system for companies looking to conduct employee assessment, conduct research and survey. Today companies are looking to expand their workforce around the global and hire more remote employees. For this, online examination systems are very helpful. Rather than conducting written exams, universities also can now conduct exams and test a student’s knowledge and expertise. These are, however, just a handful of benefits. Let’s further understand how online examination system can help—

  1. No need of paper – Written examination requires paper. The lesser we use paper the better. On top this, written examination requires physical correction which requires human interference. Other than this, the copies of exam sheet require storage and occupy space. All of this is can be easily avoided with online examination systems.
  2. Remote proctoring – Advance examination systems offer remote proctoring services as well. This removes the need for companies to hire an external invigilator to oversee an exam.
  3. Flexible exam structure – There are several options to add different questions – multiple choice, objective question, and more. This provides the flexibility to design question as per choice. Video and rich media can also be used as part of the questions. This feature allows the flexibility to offer private home-based exams or remote proctoring based exam.
  4. Automatic assessment/correction – As explained earlier, based on the number of questions attempted, performance of exam takers can be measured. In-built correction feature can assess exam takers performance.
  5. Real time result / Feedback – Upon completion of exam, systems are capable to deliver results as well. Results can be delivered almost instantly. 
  6. Deliver L & D programs:  Learning & development programs are a crucial part of employee development programs. Classrooms are the traditional means to deliver such programs. However, online delivery can be much more effective via one on one.
  7. Security –  Security of exams is a concern, which is very well taken care with highly secured servers.  

Given the possibilities available with above features, some of the world’s most sophisticated exams can be conducted. From company-wide assessment to nationwide exams, online exam systems can be easily scaled to include a large number of takers.

Overall, if there’s need to conduct exams, online systems are a better choice over traditional method of written exams. Additionally, as they save from several monetary expanses, they save money on the overall expanses. Hence, it greatly benefits companies or any institution looking to conduct examinations.

If your institution or company is looking to conduct examination, online examination is the best approach to go for. There are several systems you can go for. On-premise as well cloud applications are there that can smoothly execute exams no matter how large the scale is. Setting up these systems is hassle, where zero to no supervision is required. So there the cost to hire a technician too is reduced. However, it is always good to have an IT person look after the set up and execution of the whole process.

Everything is moving from offline to online. Why exams should be left behind?

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