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Why Ushanka Hats is the Next Trendy Accessory?

The popularity of fur hats in modern fashion goes all the way back to the 1950’s, which was the main source of our inspiration for these designs. Italian and French fashion houses fell in love with this accessory, and soon after, it has become a staple in celebrity and royalty wardrobes. Ever since then, real fur collars kept their classy, luxurious vibe and are still known as exquisite accessories.

For that purpose, we have created a full guide above to help you choose the best piece of the most glamorous winter accessory that exists on the whole market! Make up your mind and enjoy your new fur hat!

Ushanka hats

Although many men know how ushanka hats have been worn by the male population first, there are still numerous gentlemen worldwide that live in a wrong belief how these hats are reserved for the ladies.

In the first case, you can expect to get such a hat which is made from tails, gills, or even paws. Of course, it contains many other pieces of mink too. In the second case, mink hats for ladies have a sheen which is always naturally lustrous.

It is true how most of the minks are found in the wild, but it all changed in the nowadays times. There are countless mink which are actually ranched. So, if you are searching for an ideal mink fur hat, know how you will get the one made with all the knowledge about rearing and scientific breeding.

The second thing you should think about while getting this perfect piece of accessory for yourself is definitely a color! Our advice would be to stick with a black mink hat, white mink hat or a brown fox hat. The truth is how there are many other colors you can choose, yet, these will definitely express the real quality of the hat you will be wearing! But, don't get us wrong, that doesn't mean how we discourage you to try with some other color!

Is trooper hat anyhow different?

Trooper hats are more casual and they have been also used in many different professions. For example, everyone who is interested in ushankas knows how trooper hats have their special category called the police winter trooper hat. In most cases, these hats are made in a way to act as a breathable back coating. Of course, these hats are also water resistant and windproof. Badge eyelets are put on the front flap of the hat.

As for trapper hats, lining is static resistant and exterior most of the times comes from different kinds of wool or soft leather (mostly from lambskin). Leather trapper hats are made from beaver fur in most cases and secured with buttons. In that case, a trapper cap provides you with much more comfort

Wrap up

Despite it took more than half a century to reach its popularity, ushanka hats are going to be a must-have accessory next winter. With a wide range of natural materials, colors and different designs, everyone will have no excuses to have one for themselves!

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