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Why Using Tasmanian Oak Floorboards Is A Good Idea

If you are thinking about flooring in your house, then there are multiple options available nowadays. Among these, wooden floors are something which will always come with a unique perception. As wooden flooring gives that extravagant look, most people find it hard to choose which wooden floorboards they want to use at their home. Among the wooden flooring types, Tasmanian oak floorboards are one of the common types that you will find in different households. You can choose from barn grade oak, or oaks that have been dried in kilns to get the best benefit of oak decor in your home.

What Are the Benefits of Tasmanian Oak Floorboards?

  • Easy to maintain: These floorboards are very easy to maintain and hence, you won't need to spend much time or effort to maintain them. There are various other types of wooden flooring out there as well which gives equally aesthetic pleasing decorations but it is this convenient factor that sets Tasmanian oak floorboards from the rest of the pack. They are easy to install and they can also be maintained without any hassle, if you use non-acidic floor cleaners.
  • Can be installed over existing timber: This is also another factor due to which these floorboards are used in a variety of purposes. If you want to renovate your house where you would like to add additional flooring, then the oak floorboards give the perfect opportunity to do this. After doing the layering, you will have a brand-new floor which will look as fresh as it was when new. Moreover, you may also change the colours or the textures in the wood itself can give it a unique appearance.
  • Long lasting: The durability and longevity are one of the main properties of Tasmanian oak floorboards. Even without frequent attention, these floorboards have such strength in the core that they will last for years to come. Hence, you won't need to change the flooring for years as they will last throughout. The longevity factor plays a great role in cost cutting. Though you will pay a fair bit of price while installing for the first time, the free of frequent maintenance will benefit you in the long run. You won't have any a headache regarding the maintenance of the house and that's a great relief that you will want to have.
  • Comes in varieties: The Tasmanian oak floorboards come in various varieties hence you have multiple options to choose from. The texture in the woods itself gives a unique appearance and give the house a personal touch. With so much of variety available you can choose what suits you the best. You can go for your own personal choices and hence, can give the whole house of your own personal touch which isn’t possible in other types of flooring. You can go for several polishes like solid brown color, chestnut brown color and also pre-finished and prime grade of floor boards that can add value to your home.
  • Benefits of solid timber: the Tasmanian oak floorboards are installed as solid timbers and hence, they offer various benefits of the same. They are more durable even then engineered timbers and has more natural versatility. You can also stain the floors with your own colours so that you can have the desired colour that you have wanted. Solid timber imparts a distinct appeal to your floor design and you also get the best resale value for your home when you use solid timber. Choose the density and the color of the boards before you buy.

 When you are going for wooden flooring, there are a variety of options available, but none can give you the finishing that Tasmanian oak floorboards give.

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