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Why Vivint Home Security Systems Are a Smart Investment

Home security has become a necessity for most households today. Crime rates continue to increase across the United States. Homeowners want ways to guard their families and belongings. Professionally installed smart home security systems like Vivint make this possible. Vivint offers advanced technology to deter break-ins, provide full protection, and offer long-term savings. This provides complete peace of mind. 

Vivint Utilizes Unique Smart Deter Technology 

What makes Vivint different is its Smart Deter technology. It utilizes intelligent sensors and analysis to keep watching for odd activity. This includes unexpected motion, sounds, vibrations, and even Wi-Fi signals. By always checking, Smart Deter learns normal home activity patterns. Differences from these normal patterns could mean danger.  

If a threat is spotted, Smart Deter takes action to discourage intruders based on the type of threat. Actions can include setting off loud alarm sounds, flashing indoor/outdoor cameras, and more. 

As dangers rise, deterrents scale up too per programmed settings to prevent harm until authorities come. Vivint's game-changing advantage lies in its unique ability not only to detect threats but also to assess and counteract them effectively. 

With break-in rates rising over 30% in some areas, AI-powered precautionary defense adds important protection. Vivint’s Smart Deter system offers the best security, especially for vulnerable homes or neighborhoods.  

Complete, Custom Security Solutions  

Along with advanced threat prevention abilities, Vivint home security system provides full home security through packages customized to match different requirements. Vivint has a wide range of options to address diverse safety needs.

1. Cameras for Seeing Activity 

Camera options include the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro ($449.99) with night vision and two-way communication features. This lets you see and speak with visitors at your door. Another affordable option is the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro ($399.99) with a wide 140° viewing angle lens to monitor large areas.

2. Sensors for Detecting Issues

Sensor equipment options include smoke detectors ($89.99 per unit) equipped with high-tech sensors for early fire detection. Motion detectors ($29.99 each) trigger instant alerts if unexpected movement happens inside homes. There are also sensors to catch broken windows, open doors, flooding, temperature changes, and over 130 other things!

3. Local Storage and Smart Home Connections

Other clever equipment includes Vivint Smart Drive ($299.99). This lets users store video recordings from cameras locally at home, avoiding monthly cloud storage fees. Vivint also seamlessly connects with popular smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This allows handy features like using voice commands to lock doors, turn on lights, adjust the temperature, and more!

4. Professional Planning for Maximum Security 

The key advantage Vivint provides is tailoring all this advanced equipment to each home’s unique layout and needs through their Full-Service packages. This includes professional consultations, installations, and integration by security experts for whole-home protection. Post-setup support like 24/7 monitoring and emergency dispatch also adds peace of mind.

With customizable, cutting-edge gear paired with expert implementation, Vivint delivers complete security for all modern households.

Easy Addition to Smart Home Setups  

A big plus with Vivint’s system is how well it combines home security features with smart home convenience. The Vivint app and panel let users control security systems, devices, sensors, and automation platforms from one place. This allows app-based arming/disarming of systems along with regulating lights, locking doors, temperature changes, etc from a unified dashboard. 

Additionally, Vivint works natively with popular smart home ecosystems like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Connecting these allows touch-free voice oversight of key security features and automation with commands like “Vivint, lock the front door”.  

Advanced connectivity also enables real-time mobile alerts for video doorbell feeds, break-in warnings, etc enabling instant remote monitoring. Together, these attributes enable genuine smart infrastructure where critical home protection interfaces smoothly with convenience ecosystems for elevated security and control.  

Solutions for Over 131 Million US Homes

With over 131 million American households, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. Vivint accounts for this variety through solutions made for each home. From layouts to entry points and living spaces, Vivint security is tailored for maximum protection. Regardless of whether you live in a large suburban house or a small city apartment, Vivint has the right setup to perfectly match your security needs, including:  

  • Indoor cameras suiting apartments  
  • Doorbell cameras to see front arrivals   
  • Sensors securing all doors and windows  
  • Motion detectors as per room traffic   
  • Mobile access benefiting frequent travelers   

Professional Setup and 24/7 Alert Monitoring

Quality gear makes up the core, but full performance needs expert guidance. This comes through in Vivint’s Full-Service packages with advice, installation, and system integration by security pros. Post-setup, 24/7 expert monitoring services offer lightning-fast responses to any dangers spotted. Vivint’s monitoring centers are also Five Diamond certified by The Monitoring Association, affirming reliability.   

Customer Reviews and Industry Awards  

The true measure of any product or service is the actual customer experience. For Vivint, this is strongly positive. Customers praise the "user-friendly app" and the "highly responsive" customer support. One customer even shared “Vivint detected smoke and fire early enough for us to get out before major damage.” 

Customer feedback validates the technology, while awards demonstrate peer recognition. Just in 2023, Vivint has won’s Best Overall Home Security System award and been editor-recommended multiple times by Veterans like SafeWise and  

Long-Term, Money-Saving Safety, and Comfort   

Viewing home security as merely a short-term safeguard would be inadequate. The real worth is long-lasting, 24/7 defense delivered. Over 10 years, break-ins can cost thousands in repairs – something Vivint packages protect against. 

Take water leak sensors. While the $34.99 Starter Kit is affordable, fixing huge water damage from burst pipes could need $15,000 in work. Viewed through this lens of risk prevention, Vivint delivers immense yet cost-effective value. Measurable data demonstrates that their systems provide nearly a 60% higher return on investment compared to basic security equipment. So Vivint defends your household securely for years ahead.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes Vivint better than other home security systems? 

Vivint's unique Smart Deter technology goes past regular features. Using smart analysis, it notices oddities and stops break-in attempts before they happen through “prevention over detection”. This ability is exclusive to Vivint.   

  1. How does blending home security with smart features improve safety and ease?

It enables full app control of both security systems and smart home devices via one interface. This allows remote arming/disarming, locking doors, temperature changes etc. It also permits touch-free oversight through Amazon Alexa and Google Home improving both security and convenience.  

  1. What are the long-term money benefits of buying a Vivint Home Security System?  

Data shows that professionally installed systems like Vivint offer close to 60% higher ROI over basic DIY kits. Vivint minimizes break-in risks for years hence protecting valuables. Early detection also avoids huge repair bills from water/fire damage. These long-run factors reveal Vivint’s cost-effectiveness.  

Conclusion: A Clever, Forward-Thinking Buy

After evaluating key aspects such as cutting-edge technology, integrated smart home convenience, customizable security, and long-term savings, it becomes evident that Vivint Home Security systems are a clever, forward-thinking investment for today's homeowners. With growing risks, Vivint's advanced offerings provide 24/7 peace of mind.

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