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Why whiteboards are going to be replaced with glass boards gradually?

You may be interested to know that whiteboards reigned in offices, universities, and schools for nearly three decades now and became the most widely used and practical equipment in educational institutions, and we can boldly say that they had no alternative.

Both normal and magnetic whiteboards have always been relatively superior to the other kinds and attracted more enthusiasts, due to the higher quality color and more uniform surface, as well as the pleasure of writing on them, but because people have always been looking to stay up to date in technology, so they rushed to a new experience and followed the whiteboard with newer and better features with better writing experience and much better cleanliness.

After various experiences, it was the glass board that was able to attract attention. In fact, the glass whiteboard with a smooth surface and the ability to be clean with no marks, and more importantly, its unparalleled beauty and, its eternal longevity. Therefore, in recent years, all schools, and offices have decided to buy glass boards instead of whiteboards.

Now let's look at why glass boards absolutely did not replace whiteboards. There are two major reasons why these two main reasons still make some people regret buying glass whiteboards.

The first reason: light reflection

Yes, the light reflection from glass is very high and in the bright environment that is exposed to direct sunlight, it is not suitable at all, and it causes poor vision of students and puts pressure on the eyes, which is a problem in the long run. It can be very tedious for a long time, as well as classes with hanging lights or with multiple lamps that make the user go to the same old generation, the whiteboard, and more or less tolerate it.

The second reason: the fragility of glass board

It is true that glass boards have eternal life, but only if they are not crushed and powdered by a hard object. This story is also very important for many people, especially school principals who, due to the mischief of students and also the dangers that may befall them, are bound to buy a glass whiteboard, and this category again to buy a whiteboard from the same category.


In this summary, we recommend that if you are just looking for a page for training and it is possible that you can delete the content on the whiteboard immediately after each training and you are not looking for the beauty of your learning environment and a problem with beautiful If you do not have a whiteboard, be sure to use a magnetic whiteboard to buy, but if the beauty of the board is very important to you and more importantly, you can not clean the board immediately after each training class and your class is not very direct sunlight and so on. If you buy whiteboards for office online of any kind visit our website for the best price.

If you do not want to keep the board for many years, be sure to buy a glass board so that in addition to beauty and great writing experience and cleaning, you do not have the stress of whiteboard markers. The glass on the whiteboard has been erased and you have been saying goodbye to the marker or blackboard of the whiteboard for years.

Some state-owned companies and most private companies do not like the beauty of old whiteboards, so they try to buy a glass whiteboard and aim with a double arrow, as the glass whiteboard is superior in every way. The whiteboard is magnetic, and secondly, the glass whiteboard is very elegant and luxurious, and also writing and erasing on the glass whiteboard is much more desirable and heartwarming than the whiteboard.
 But it should also be noted that the price is much higher and the customers who want to buy a glass whiteboard should pay almost twice as much as a whiteboard, but in the long run, due to the long life of the glass whiteboard compared to the whiteboard Magnetically this cost is compensated because in the elapsed time the cost of whiteboard marker is higher than magic whiteboard glass.

The next means of information that can be seen in all offices and schools in the bulletin board, which from the beginning of entering companies and schools, right in front of our doors and yards, we see bulletin boards with various functions that according to the tastes and needs of users in Several models of glass bulletin boards, glass-free bulletin boards, locked bulletin boards, base bulletin boards, and luxury bulletin boards have been installed.
The most widely used type of bulletin board is the glass-enclosed and locked model, which not everyone can access the announcements and contents, but can read it.
Today, luxury bulletin boards are also very popular due to their beauty and have many customers. In making billboards, metal and MDF are used in most cases, and the MDF model is more in demand. Sometimes offices also use whiteboards as bulletin boards and use magnets to hold the paper on the whiteboard. view our cork boards range

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