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Why Women Cheat on Their Husbands?

There is an old saying that a man can forgive a woman for everything but not for cheating on him. While this saying may also apply to cheating men, there is a difference in the way how both men and women perceive cheating that makes this adage as much more reasonable. Almost every man, on finding that their partner has been cheating on them, ponders why she did it to them. Interestingly, most men never get it and lay it upon their partner.

While it is ethically wrong to cheat on your partner and it is reasonable to catch a cheating wife, it also helps to know why most women cheat. Explore the key reasons why your partner may find it reasonable to break the vows she made with you.

Feeling Lonely

You would be surprised that this is one of the most common reasons why women cheat on their partner. And they don’t just feel lonely if you are away.

  • Women can feel lonely when there is no emotional connect with their spouse and you may never know about it
  • There may be lack of intimacy
  • You may be unavailable to her because of your job or you may have a hectic schedule
  • Women find it much more difficult to cope with loneliness than men

Any emotional support they may find elsewhere can be a big relief for them.

Low Self Esteem

The moment she starts feeling underappreciated or ignored, she becomes vulnerable. And you simply cannot blame her for that. Men are also highly likely to become vulnerable if they were to be treated the same way.

As a man it is important to understand that your spouse has a place in your life. And it is not that of just a housekeeper or someone who takes care of you and your kids. They desire to be loved and cared for. If you are unable to provide them that special feeling, you can almost certainly expect them to look elsewhere to feel important. Remember, there are needless reasons why a woman can have a low self-esteem.

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Feeling Overwhelmed by Others’ Needs

Studies show that even happily married women with a great family, home, and job are likely to cheat because they feel overwhelmed. They go out of their marital relationship to seek personal gratification at another level. They feel like meeting the needs of everyone at home and work while feeling overwhelmed and under-supported themselves.

There are many more reasons why a wife can cheat.

  • She may have ungratified physical desires
  • She may have excessive or abnormal expectations from the relationship
  • She craves for intimacy in her relationship, which makes her feel more connected and valued

So instead of allowing your relationship to reach a stage where you find out the harsh truth, it’s best to do things right from the very beginning. However, you cannot always expect to control things every time. Your partner may still cheat on you for reasons you may never know or comprehend.

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