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Why Women Stay At Risk Of Kidney Disease - Early Symptoms

Kidney disease is spreading slowly throughout the world. With this, people from all over the world are getting affected. Critical kidney disease is known as a kidney disease. It is a long-term disease that can cause death at an early age. Severe kidney disease means that your kidney is completely damaged and stopped working. In today's time, kidney disease has become a growing disease at a rapid pace, with the whole world in its grip. World Kidney Day is celebrated to rescue people from this disease and spread awareness among people. Let us tell you that due to being World Womens Day together, Kidney Day theme is also focused on women. Today we are telling you 5 things related to kidney health which every woman should know.

Kidney disease is more in women

In women, the problem of severe kidney disease is more compared to men. If the average of both is measured, then the problem of severe kidney disease is 14 percent and the percentage of the disease is estimated at 12 percent in men.

Women die of severe kidney disease

Due to severe kidney disease, an average of 6 lakh women die due to lack of treatment. Commonly severe kidney disease in women is due to UTI infection. Bladder and tubes are also affected due to this.

Women are more affected by these reasons

The main cause of severe kidney disease in women is also adverse pregnancy results and low fertility. However, despite severe kidney disease, women may be at risk of pre-eclampsia and other health problems during both pregnancy and birth, which can increase blood pressure by causing tension on the kidneys. For this reason, proper care is important for all pregnant women. Also consult with kidney specialist in kolkata through Internet.

Diagnosis of severe kidney disease is difficult

The symptoms of kidney disease are gradually developed. Early symptoms such as low urine, lack of appetite, lack of sleep, fatigue etc. are signs. There are some symptoms which are not visible, due to which the disease can be serious. In such a situation, the doctor should seek advice.

What to do to prevent kidney disease

Kidney disease can affect anyone and women are more at risk. If you want to keep yourself away from this problem then by making a healthy alternative in life, you can reduce kidney disease opportunities. If you do this for regular exercise or to remain physically active, do not smoke, stay away from alcohol, etc., then you will definitely be away from this disease. Apart from this, if you have a family history of high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, kidney disease, then you should ensure that you consult the expert during every minor problem.

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