Why You Must Try Vaping on Your First Date


Vaping is pretty popular right now, especially with young people, and quite frankly, it's not surprising that your new date may be a vaper. Apart from the hype of creating intricate clouds while vaping, the different flavors and aroma of the vape juice give guys a distinct scent that is rustic and manly, especially if it's paired with a complementing cologne.

To be honest, consuming nicotine delivery systems can leave you with an unpleasant odor that is usually very hard to get rid of, and a kiss to end a great date may not be in your cards because of this. Of course, sometimes a user may carry breath mints and sprays, but what are the chances of this happening?

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Kissing or being kissed by a vaper will leave a fresh fruity taste in your mouth, and vaping is a better alternative to traditional nicotine delivery systems. Dating and vaping can be an excellent theme for a date, and you should try them.

Why Should You Vape on A First Date

Most people would say no to this, and it's understandable, but if you want to up the ante on your first date, don't be most people. Vaping on the first date holds many surprises and also shows your adventurous side. 


It speaks volumes of your ability to try out new things, and it may even be the one facet during the date that allows you to connect with your partner.

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Wanting to stick to traditional dating is not really out of the question, though. Vaping may be safer, but it's not necessarily harmless. The outcome may go either way. Your partner may hate it, or they may like it. To be on the safe side and not spoil an evening that would be otherwise fantastic, just ask them before if they're comfortable. If they're on the fence or don't want to try it out, you could try convincing them with some pointers below.

  1. Vaping Is Super Attractive

There's something about vapers that makes them attractive.  Think about it— would you prefer a partner who consumes traditional nicotine or one that vapes? It's also immensely entertaining, seeing them blow out rings and patterns. Vaping sprinkles a little "cool factor" to your date too. 

If you're vaping on your first date, that may be the sign that you two belong together. Your partner may be into vaping but too afraid to try it out, and the date may be an excellent segue for them into this popular trend and for them to learn everything about it from smok nord pods to vape mods.

  1. Vapers Are Considerate People

How are vapers more considerate and polite, you ask? Well, vapers care about the lovers in that they wouldn't want to get yellow teeth nor bad smells that come with traditional nicotine delivery systems. Furthermore, they don't want to disrupt the aura of their date or make them look bad in any way. Thus they opt for a better way to get their nicotine — Vaping.

  1. People Who Vape, Are More Open to Trying New Things

Trying out a new thing will more than often require courage. Vapers are always trying out new stuff, from vape devices, e-liquids to vape tricks. The same courage they have for all things vape-related can always be directed to new things that will make your first date enjoyable.


Plus, they may be more open to talking about progressive issues like what they want to achieve in the future and their goals in general.

  1. Being A Vaper May Show Your Financial Advantage

First impressions matter a lot, especially on your initial date, and subtly portraying your financial edge on the first date may steer the date in your favor. No one wants to go out with a bum, and that's reality.

Vape devices, in a way, are an investment. They are pretty expensive, and keeping track of the vape pens you've collected over the years and your favorite e-liquids is a task. But, in general, being a vapor may show your date that you can "handle your own '' financially, and that's a good thing.

  1. Vapers are Seen as Gentle

According to a study done a while back, women generally don't like nic users. In addition, nicotine delivery system users are not perceived as attractive people. Vapers, on the other hand, are seen as relaxed, gentle, and more inviting.

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These attributes may be great for the date, and your partner may feel comfortable talking to you if you possess them.

  1. Vaping Won't Leave a Bad Taste in Your Mouth.

Consuming nicotine through traditional delivery methods will leave an unpleasant taste and scent in your mouth. This smell can make you undesirable in the eyes of your date, and they may become uninterested in you and the get-together. On the other hand, CBD Vaping is much cleaner and will leave a pleasant fruity taste in your mouth that your date may find irresistible.



There's a small debate between vapers and traditional users on who is better than the other. However, considering most vapers used to be traditional nicotine delivery systems users, the former seems to win the "war" and for a good reason. When it comes down to picking a date, only a handful will pick the latter, compared to the droves that may choose vapers. It's new, hip, and exciting, and people are still trying to maneuver their way around it.

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