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Why You Need a Smart Toilet?

What is a smart toilet?

Obviously, it is a toilet with a computer that uses new technology and provides you with a high level of comfort. From seat heating to the choice of music. It is often installed in smart homes. In high-tech countries like Japan, it is no longer a luxury and has become quite ordinary.

How to choose

There are several companies that produce smart toilets. TOTO, Kohler, Woodbridge, etc. In order to choose the best smart toilet, you can read this overview.

A bit of history

The first smart toilet seat was created by the Japanese company TOTO. The Japanese bought the patent from Americans in the early 1980s. The research was incredibly extensive: they had to find out the most comfortable water pressure, the temperature of the water and the seat, the best shape of the seat and so on. The slogan was quite simple: "Your butt also wants to wash".

If you are going to renovate your bathroom, then think about what the 21st century is like. It's worth thinking about installing a smart toilet. It has many advantages and can make your life easier. Although there are a huge number of smart toilets, everyone has similar qualities. And, of course, they have a huge number of sensors.

Comfortable water drainage

Above all, you don't need to touch the toilet parts if you want to flush the water. This protects you from bacteria if you are in a public place.  It also saves you from people with bad memories who keep forgetting about it. You should just stand up and the toilet will do it yourself. This is convenient.

Overfill protection

Some toilets are equipped with overflow sensors, such as Delta toilets. This prevents water from flushing out if the toilet is clogged. Sometimes it can be very important.


The price of the smart toilet is highly dependent on functionality and filling. It can range from $300 to over $5000. It is hard to tell which functionality is standard. You have to choose and look at the price/quality ratio. Determine what is right for you. Here are the options that may be available.

  • Bidet with massage
  • Air dryer
  • Foot heater
  • Automatic flushing
  • Remote control
  • Features of self-cleaning
  • Built-in sensors that warn of possible tank leaks
  • Self-deodorant
  • Emergency flushing system in the event of a power outage
  • Night
  • The lid closes slowly
  • Bluetooth and MP3 capabilities so you can listen to music

Very handy bonuses

The toilet lid can be opened either from the remote control or directly by hand. The remote has access to all settings and control of the device in general. All functions have factory default settings and operate within a specified time interval. But you can always change them. For example, if you want the drying process to run for 60 seconds instead of 30 seconds - you can always change this, etc. 


All smart toilet systems work with electricity, of course. When the power is switched off, the toilet goes into an energy-saving mode and is not much different from a conventional standard toilet. But when the power is on, it will come back to life again. 


The choice of a smart toilet depends on many factors, but most of all on the owner's preferences and the stage of renovation. If you are able to replace the toilet at this stage, it is very good. You will keep up with the times. If not, then almost all its functions can be replaced by a bidet lid. It can be installed on an old toilet. Of course, it's not exactly what you wanted, but in principle, it's better than nothing. 

We chose the kohler tankless toilet for ourselves, as it is a company that has long been on the market and has proven itself from the best side. These are some of the most expensive toilets, but they are worth it.

In any case - you will definitely be satisfied.

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