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Why You Need an Irrigation Houston System?






How effective is your irrigation system? If you experience a leak, water flow, or some other type of problem with your sprays, turn to a team of Irrigation Houston by 100tlc  that knows better. The Irrigation Houston service prides itself on leading the industry’s inefficient irrigation activities. They have taken irrigation programs to a whole new level by developing the most efficient and effective way to maintain lawns.

Plan your next watering service today by Irrigation Houston service.

Irrigation System Repair

Irrigation systems require a small TLC to maintain efficiency and effectiveness. Neglected systems can lead to both dry grass and landscapes and flooded places, wasting this precious resource. This is where the irrigation Houston service comes into play.

Irrigation Houston specialists identify any problems your system may have, be it water leakage, control issues, etc. They will explain and let you know how to fix it.

Other irrigation adjustments can be made right there. Major repairs may require a second trip, but your irrigation experts at Irrigation Houston are happy to do so.

 System Installation Services

Whether you have an old lawn irrigation system or you are going to use it for the first time, the team of experienced professionals can offer reliable, cost-effective solutions for peace of mind when it comes to your spray installation.

The reputable experts can confirm that your irrigation system is:

·         At best performance throughout the year

·         Custom made to meet the needs of your lawn

·         Set well drains and reduce water flow

·         Designed to prolong the life of your lawn

·         And secure and reliable as possible.

Sometimes installing a new system is the best way to prevent expensive repairs and save money. You can be sure those experts will look at all of the solution options with you so that you can make a good decision.

Commercial Irrigation Solutions

Do you have a commercial property with a landscape that needs maintenance?  Irrigation Houston services experts are experienced in preparing and installing irrigation schemes for a variety of commercial and commercial purposes. Get started with their expert team today and inquire about your project. They can give you professional insights and reliable solutions to keep your lawn or Landscaping Houston green and healthy!

Land Reform Work

At Irrigation Houston service, they are equipped to resolve any issues with your irrigation system. If one part of your lawn needs less water than the other or if your entire area looks like it needs equal watering, the irrigation experts can set it up. They can set up multiple locations to ensure that your property receives the right amount of water.

Irrigation repair and sprinkler head maintenance


Whether you want to install a new system or replace it, Irrigation Houston service will design and install a sprinkler system that irrigates your lawn and your land efficiently and effectively.

Effective irrigation requires two important components: the right composition and the right products.

Sprinkler system design

The irrigation system is not just about placing the heads of the sprayer just to get a wet spot. It needs to take into account the composition of the land and your property. The benefits of the system are

·         It keeps your lawn beautiful,

·         It prolongs the life of your lawn,

·         It absorbs well and reduces water flow,

·         It works very well, reduces water waste,

The Right Products

As experts in Irrigation Houston uses only high-quality controls, spray heads, and valves.

Smart Technology

Irrigation Houston truly believes in water-saving which is why all of their newly installed systems come with a smart controller such as a non-upsell level. With smart control in the area where your system will:

·         Use only the amount of water that needed

·         Adjust daily with weather changes at your exact address

·         You have access to control over any phone, tablet, or connected device

Weather Sensors

In addition to having a rain sensor to ensure that the system is not working during or after a rain event, Irrigation Houston service incorporates all-weather sensor systems to monitor daily temperature and climate change.

Active microphones

All systems are installed using only efficient microphones.  Spray tap water is very similar and saves an average of 35% of water compared to traditional pipes.

Matched Rainfall

All systems are designed for full head-to-head coverage to provide full coverage to match the rainfall as much as possible.

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