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Why you should embrace SMS marketing

One of the easiest ways of communicating with your customers is through SMS. But most businesses have not explored this potential. 

SMS has been predominant in personal conversations but now gaining traction in the world of business.

SMS marketing is an easy way in business communication and allows you to reach out to customers in masses. It touches customers’ inboxes, and you’re sure over 90% of the messages will be read. 

As a business person, you have to think of a way of harnessing that potential. Research by Deloitte shows that 8% of the world’s population bought things in stores after they received an SMS message. That clearly shows you how impactful SMS can be to your business.

What are some ways SMS messages will strengthen your business?


Better conversion rate

Even with instant messaging apps, the SMS message service has plenty of advantages. For instance, the conversion rate is very high compared to other counterparts. Customers are likely to visit your store and buy things more after an SMS communication than through any other service. Every marketing effort is aimed at bringing more numbers to the business. A business is as successful as the marketing strategies in place, and SMS marketing is a “sure bet.”


It’s inexpensive

Cloud messaging service, which supports bulk SMS messaging, is a great option that makes it easy to communicate and is cost-effective. The cloud telephony providers offer the bulk SMS option through their platform or SMS API, allowing you to send messages to thousands of customers quickly. Compared to other forms like billboards, television, and magazines, SMS marketing is a market-friendly option. You spend less, and the return on investment (ROI) is enormous. 


Greater audience reach

According to a Statistic report on mobile phones, 52% of online traffic in 2018 was generated through mobile phones, thus making SMS marketing the choice of communication for most businesses. One advantage of SMS marketing is that you don’t require internet connectivity; all you need is just a working phone. With the increased usage of phones, SMS marketing is more of a goldmine which your business can use to deliver your brand message to customers in whatever place they are. That means, even if you’re in remote areas where the internet is a challenge, you can easily reach your customers.


Instant delivery

When you send messages through the apps or the internet, sometimes delays are depending on your connectivity. Others are never delivered and thus a missed opportunity. You only need a reliable cloud telephony provider and a strong network provider connected to every place worldwide. Then you can deliver messages to your customers, and they’ll receive them in whichever part of the world they are. 


Marketing campaigns success

When introducing a product/ service in the market, SMS marketing is a great way to reach a specific targeted audience. You need to have the contacts and lay down a strategy on how to reach out to them at the right time. The cloud telephony providers offer real-time data with a detailed graphical presentation, with accurate data on the customers reached, those that responded, the Geo-location, browser used to read, and such. That information helps you understand who your target audience is, the success of the campaign, and what you should do to make your campaigns more effective. 


For any business to succeed there must be efficient communication between the company and the customers. SMS marketing is one of those effective strategies that will help you reach out to your targeted audience effectively. All you need to work with a reliable digital marketing service provider to help you craft action-oriented messages that will elicit the intended response among the subscribers.

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