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Why You Should Experiment With Letting Your Employees Set Their Own Schedule

With the onset of advanced technology, companies have been grappling with redefining their work strategy and harnessing efforts tailored at meeting the ever-changing customer demands and needs. As a business owner specializing in car dealerships, you might have contemplated allowing your employees to set their own schedule to instigate efficacy and productivity.


While most might perceived it to be unorthodox, technology has proven that the unfathomable can definitely yield astronomical results. As opposed to the conventional 9-5 work routine, here are a few essential reasons why you should consider letting your employees set their own schedules:

1. Harness Employee Productivity

Since productivity is best harnessed by promoting creativity, it makes perfect sense implementing flexible work schedules for your talented staff. This means that they can work from the crack of dawn or late night hours to tap into their potential and explore it to optimal levels. However, this unique strategy is best served by employees keen on self-motivation and working without supervision. In the car dealership business, it makes perfect sense to let your employees work on flexible work schedules. By being flexible, employees can interact with customers in unconventional business settings such as streets and parks and make impressive sales pitches.

2. Attract and Retain Human Resource Investment

In the car dealership and any other form of business, identifying and attracting highly coveted talent is widely considered to be a hallmark of shrewd entrepreneurship. For instance, penetrating new markets can be a tall order especially in the absence of local experts adept at understanding this particular environment. As a business owner, you might want to hire a flex-time employee that understands the automobile needs of this market and realign them with company goals and objectives. Rather than restricting them to a specified work schedule, consider letting them explore their potential and creativity by letting them interact with customers at the ground level. If not, you risk letting them work for your competitor instead.

3. Venture Into New Markets

Suffice to say, leading multinational corporations have successfully ventured and thrived in foreign markets simply by understanding the needs of this specific demographic and harnessing the efforts of local talent to realize their goals. Often, they have developed a reputation for hiring remote qualified workers to deliver exceptional results. As a business owner, you might want to consider implementing flexible work schedules.


This resourceful strategy not only enlarges your elite team of top-notch talent but also provides you with ample time to develop the business. According to seasoned entrepreneurs, the best HR practices should be flexible enough to incorporate creative and innovative ideas to propel the business to greater heights.

4. Promote More Development Options

According to verified research from the Hartford, millennials are more attuned to working for companies that promote flexible work schedules. This essential factor plays an essential role in safeguarding their learning opportunities while still on the job.


By implementing flexible work schedules tailored to their preference, you essentially provide your employees with a unique opportunity to better understand the car dealership business, identify more effective sales strategies and implement them with precision.

5. Elevated Sense Of Being Valued

Unknown to most employers, employees thrive from feeling appreciated by the upper echelons of management. More often than not, most employees quit simply because of the deprived appreciation despite toiling day in day out to your satisfaction. According to them, being valued exhibits significant benefits beyond the workplace and also contributes to elevated physical and mental health.


By incorporating flexible work schedules, you have afforded your employees with the unique ability to work according to their preferred hours and this contributes to feeling valued by you. In return, they will not only be loyal to you but also work extra hard to achieve set goals and objectives and take the business to unprecedented heights.


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