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Why you should have your hormone levels checked?


With the technological advancement in the medical filed, impossible is almost a rare term now. One of the advancements in the medical filed is hormone therapy. Firstly, we should know what is a hormone? Hormones are nothing but natural ingredients which are very essential for people's health. They are produced in the endocrine glands and sort of act as the body’s chemical messengers, conveying the brain’s commands and orders to the body’s tissues and organs.As time passes, hormone generation decreases in the body. This leads to aging and many age-related diseases.

To control the health, it is necessary to get a regular hormone checkup. Hormone Therapy can restore the youthful levels of hormones within the body using advanced technologies in the medical field. The gonadal (sex) hormones, thyroid hormones, and adrenal hormones are the most important. These hormones are important for the smooth functioning of the human body and therefore, would be a problem if they didn’t work efficiently and caused a proper hormonal imbalance. So, they should always be given a thorough check-up. If the levels become sub-optimal, then hormone therapy can easily be the solution. Some people say that high levels of hormones increase the chances of getting cancer. Well, that is a myth. But, the reverse is more accurate.

Hormones act on cellular levels. When the proper hormonal balance is maintained the cells are allowed to act younger. It means, that the resistance power of the cells becomes much more advanced and then they are able to defend our body while increasing our immunity. Resistance would have been weaker if there had been a hormone imbalance. Hormone imbalance can occur at a younger stage in a person's life. If that happens then he/she is more likely to suffer from degenerative diseases. It is because the onset of the aging of the cells occurred earlier than it was expected.

People in an advanced age will never have the hormone levels that they used to have in their teens. Or when they were young adults. And it is quite understandable, because of the obvious reason of old age. While hormone imbalance may occur in a youngster, the older people are more likely to face it. However, if this imbalance occurs at a young age, it can cause serious problems as the individual grows and ages. Youthful and balanced hormones, thus become very important. If someone wants to lead a healthy lifestyle, hormone imbalance is a strict no-no. In fact, if an individual strives to be healthy and happy, and maintains a hormonal balance in his or her body, he or she then is sure to live youthfully, even if he or she has crossed the sixties.

And yet, with all the benefits the hormone therapy provides, there are certainly many stigmas about it. Many times healthcare providers ask people to stay away from it. In fact, there is no way one is allowed routine checkups of hormone levels; no hospitals or clinics provide it. Contrary to this belief, physiological and controlled doses of natural hormones are good. They help in maintaining the health, appearance, and functioning of the internal organs. Bio-identical hormone therapies do not exert any excess pressure on the body. They ensure that the youthful levels are restored. So, the body is not battling with new chemicals; it is enjoying the benefits of youthful days.

This is to be remembered that hormone therapy is very specific in nature and the treatment change person to person. The specialist doctor study the body structure of the patient, study his or her medical history in detail before prescribing anything. The dose, frequency, and aftermath all are specific to a particular patient. However, the therapy is very effective to deal with the raised problem because of the hormone imbalance. Also apart from this, you should focus on food for a healthy lifestyle. This will help you to balance your hormone level.

There is no singular test is prescribed for recording any person’s hormonal imbalance. You can describe the symptoms of what you are feeling to the doctor and from that, the doctor can conduct some tests and determine whether the person has a hormonal imbalance or not. The imbalance can be measured with the help of a number of tests, such as blood test, pelvic exam, ultrasound as well as biopsy, X-ray, MRI, sperm count, and thyroid scan – all of these can help the doctor understand and then prescribe you therapy to get you all balanced inside.

Medical practitioners say that every patient is unique. So, their hormonal requirements are unique as well. This is all the more reason to get the hormones checked. Doctors can then tailor-make the treatment schedule for every patient. Hormones are one of the most important functions of a human body and it is, therefore, equally essential, that you can take good care of yourself and subsequently, your body to balance the hormones.


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