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Why You Should Migrate Your Site to Drupal

Do you have a website built on Joomla, WordPress, or another CMS? Migrating to Drupal will bring an array of benefits to you and your customers. Discover the best sides of this open-source marvel in 2021.

Drupal's rich functionality allows developers to create complex websites from scratch or transfer content from other systems easily. It is widely used in different spheres, from education to science to e-commerce. With a team like - Drupal development company, your transition will be quick and seamless.

Benefits for Web Developers

Drupal is more than a website development framework. It is a vast ever-growing community with over 1 million users. The members communicate and collaborate continuously to enhance the CMS. A plethora of information is available, from modules to documents to tutorials. Bugs are fixed quickly, and the core is updated on a regular basis.

Today, over 7,000 models for Drupal exist. They speed up code writing and development overall. Extending the functionality of a website is relatively simple, as there are so many ready-made solutions.

Benefits for Clients

The Drupal platform is suitable for a wide variety of websites, including forums, recruitment platforms, social networks, and portfolios. Many of the benefits are connected to the open-source nature of this flexible CMS. Here are some of the key considerations for businesses of any size.

1.    Enhanced Security

Drupal is secure. Due to the constant exchange of information within the vast developer community, monitoring never stops. Any vulnerabilities are detected and eliminated quickly, which helps to protect all websites. The system is checked for bugs and errors incessantly.

2.    Excellent Performance

Websites built on this CMS have high loading speeds and superior response times. This is crucial for any online business. Users expect the content to load instantly, so delays result in lost traffic. With Drupal, acceleration is based on its highly flexible caching systems.

3.    Effective SEO

Efficient search engine optimization is vital for any business. It can push your website to the top of Google rankings, making it stand out in organic results. The Drupal ecosystem offers multiple tools for advanced promotion.

4.    Seamless Mobile Optimization

The majority of consumers prefer to view website content from the smaller screens of their smartphones and tablets. Websites running on Drupal are compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. This maximizes exposure.

5.    Impressive Flexibility

Businesses can manage their sites without the assistance of web developers. This is because they are made of "bricks". The latter can be moved and rearranged easily, while the core remains intact.

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Migration to Drupal

Drupal has many advantages over other CMS. It is flexible and scalable, ensures fast loading times and security of data. The open-source nature explains incessant improvement and monitoring. This guarantees stable performance and regular updates.

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