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Why You Should Refrain From Using Cheap Glue Guns?

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The glue guns are highly efficient glue applicators and surface binding machines. They are now used in a wide range of industrial, manufacturing, and production related scenarios as well. The invention is useful in packaging, furniture, wood, and many other industries. The glue applicators are also referred for the craft and paper projects. The glue gun can bind a range of materials including wood, plastics, metals, ceramics, glass, and others.

But the quality of the hot glue gun is an important factor to consider before its actual real-world usage. Cheap and low-quality glue guns do not last long, may produce an inferior quality of work, and may also require frequent maintenance and part replacement. You will spend lesser towards good quality and a pricier glue gun in the long run, when compared to a cheap and low-quality glue gun. The latter will require frequent maintenance and repair and will also suffer from performance issues.

Part Replacements

The older and cheap glue guns can have a number of seals and valves. The moving parts and seals suffer greater wear and tear. You may also require more frequent part replacement and the net cost of a cheap glue gun comes to be greater than a good quality glue gun, in the long run. The electric and quality glue guns have a lesser number of seals and valves and therefore do not require part replacement as often.

Cheap Parts

The glue applicators/guns that cost very low have cheap and low-quality parts. Problems like the wires and the plastics burning out when the glue gun is being operated are quite common with this inferior quality and low price glue guns. This is so because the manufacturers cut costs by using inferior quality material. While they are able to price the glue gun low, these glue applicators do not fulfil the aspirations of the customers.


The older glue guns that are cheap have a pneumatic functioning (use compressed air for modules). With time, the quality of the air deteriorates and the glue gun does not work efficiently. Electric and good quality glue guns are priced a bit higher, but they function efficiently up to 300 million cycles and even more, and have a long life.

Undesired Noise

The low-quality glue guns also cause undesired noise, which also reveals that some of their parts are not functioning properly. The noise also does not allows you to concentrate on the project at hand.

Performance Deviation

The cheap and low-quality hot melt glue gun may not perform up to the specification it comes with. For instance, a low-quality glue gun main not reach the temperatures for which it is rated. As you might be aware of, the hot melt adhesives bind well enough when they are melted at high temperature. Therefore, when you choose a low priced glue gun you may not get the performance and adhesion strength you want and desire.

The generic and low price glue guns are not valued for money purchase. While they seem to be an alluring purchase early on, with time the buyers spend more while also suffering from adverse situations and issues like downtimes and frequent repair. Therefore, you should always trust the reputed suppliers and purchase the glue gun from a well-known and reputed brand only.

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