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Why You Should Switch To Alcohol-free Perfumes?

When the first perfume was created, it was probably only fresh flowers. After it, women and several perfume makers started mixing oils extracted from the flowers with bases of oil and natural ingredients for creating mesmerising scents. Every single ingredient added to the perfume was organic and free from any toxins or chemicals, however, those days are long gone. With the new revolution in the fragrance industry and the need for mass production of perfumes due to increasing demand, mixing synthetic and chemicals for creating perfumes was the need of the hour.

It might save some bucks in production as well as for the customers, it is certainly not good for your skin. The chemicals, toxins, alcohol used in the base for creating perfume sometimes can cause skin rashes, itching and redness. For people with sensitive skin, this combination of chemicals and alcohol is pretty severe. It can even hit your olfactory senses giving you a bad headache or feel nauseating too. Since alcohol-based fragrances were giving so many problems for the masses, there was a need for something which was budget friendly as well as safe to use, just like Alcohol-free perfumes.

What are alcohol-free fragrances?

Alcohol-free perfumes have been in trend since ages when the first perfume was launched. It is a form of fragrance in which alcohol is not used in the base of the perfume. Apart from alcohol, perfumers sometimes use distilled water or oil as a base. In this base, the perfume essence oil is mixed for creating the final products. There is no presence of fillers or any artificial ingredient, but everything is natural 100% and free from harmful chemicals. However, when mass production of perfume begun, alcohol was mixed in the perfume base to reduce the cost of production as well as to make the perfume more vibrant in scent.

How are they different from the usual perfumes?

In the alcohol-based perfumes, alcohol is added to the perfume base for enhancing the evaporation rate of the fragrance. As the perfume hits the skin, and touches anything slight hot like your body, or mixes with the heat in the air, the perfume molecules are released at a fast pace. It is so fast that you get a strong whiff of fragrance as soon as the perfume is sprayed. However, due to this, the fragrance is not able to last for a long time.

However, on the other hand, the Alcohol Free Perfumes have a base of distilled water or oil. Distilled water is generally used in body mists and such lighter natural perfumes. For the usual perfumes, light oil is used as a base. Since it has an oil base, the fragrance evaporation rate is not that high but it is very consistent. Such perfumes have higher perfume essence concentration and give scent for more than 10 hours straight.

Why you should switch?

Non-alcoholic perfumes are free from all kinds of fillers, chemicals and alcohol hence they are very gentle for your skin. Unless until you have an allergy to some ingredient present in the perfume such as nut oil or any flower, you do not have to worry about any harm. They are very gentle on the skin. You can apply them on any part of the body and use them in aromatherapy as well to treat a y condition or mental stress related issues too. All you have to do is add a few drops of perfume oil in the dispenser or on floral reed sticks and let it evaporate naturally. The soothing fragrance will relax your senses helping you to feel better about yourself. Another way is to add one or two drops on mattress or your pillow and sleep on it after 10-20 minutes. The gentle fragrance of this alcohol-free scent will help you put you into a soothing relaxing sleep with happy dreams.

Another major factor is the longevity of the perfume.  Just a touch of the fragrance is enough to keep you fragrant for hours straight. You do not need to refresh the perfume or apply it again as the day passes by. Due to this factor, a little bottle of alcohol-free perfumes can last for months. This is definitely a budget-friendly luxury perfume option for everyone. Several international brands like Baug Sons, Otoori, Creation and many others are providing these perfumes. Not just in perfume form but you can enjoy this alcohol-free fragrance can also be enjoyed in deodorant spray form as well. You can buy them easily online in India and try all these amazing perfumes for that one of a kind fragrance experience. Add alcohol-free scents to your grooming regime and you will never go back to the regular perfume ever. These fragrances are easy on your skin, and olfactory senses but very strong on the sweat odour covering it as well as eradicating it completely.

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