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Why you should use Cryptocurrency in 2022

Why you Should use Cryptocurrency in 2022

Are you considering using cryptocurrency this year? With Bitcoin estimated to be worth more than $100,000, digital currency has reached never before seen highs this year. This trend is set to continue, with crypto becoming more well known and commonly used every single day. So why should you invest in crypto this year? Read on and find out if 2022 could be the year for you.

The Value Continues to Rise

Although the worth of crypto is soaring, you should never jump the gun or take an over optimistic approach. As the market steadies, it is advisable to buy crypto to hold on to, treating it as an investment in the long term rather than a short-sighted get rich quick scheme.

You should also be cautious of which cryptocurrency you invest in. Newly emerged alt coins such as Floki Inu seems to be a wise investment in 2022, whereas market leaders Bitcoin ad Ethereum are predicted to increase in value. Be wary of who you invest in, and always do the appropriate amount of research before doing so! 

Market analysts have stated that there would be no surprise if Bitcoin soared above $125,000, whereas it isn’t beyond the imagination if Ethereum climbed to over $10,000 would also six months to a year. Although some unpredictable economic factors that will impact the relatively new industry are sure to come into play, there is still a large amount of optimism in terms of which direction the flow of this market is expected to go.

2022: The Year the USA Fully Embraces Crypto

Although many sceptics have argued against it, it is now clear to see that the USA is set to fully embrace cryptocurrency for what it is, the currency of the future. The US Central Bank and regulators are expected to have a huge impact on the cryptocurrency market, especially with the market opening up. As China has banned crypto mining entirely, this leave a gap that the USA is poised and ready to fill, with experts backing this prediction. This may also result in increased regulations, which will have the end result of an increased overall value of cryptocurrencies.

With the US predicted to pay more attention to cryptocurrencies in 2022, it is also expected to gain the additional support in hedge funds, smaller sovereign wealth funds, and more. The result here, will be an upward trend within the market, but always expect volatility. There is always a risk when it comes to any investment, so be prepared for a back-and-forth swing when you decided to play the game of long investment. As cryptocurrencies continue to enter the mainstream, they will become increasingly linked to the traditional financial market, which will have an ultimate influence upon its worth.

If you are considering investing in cryptocurrencies in 2022, this could be the year for you. Always ensure you do your research to an appropriate level, gathering an appropriate level of knowledge for you begin investing for real.

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