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Why You Shouldn't Settle for Less from an ISP

Internet service providers are, unfortunately, not quite renowned for their impeccable customer service and products. With a history of complaints, lawsuits, and other issues, some of the top ISPs in the nation have had their share of backlash, and yet continue to soldier on, serving a new generation of customers and still putting customer service at the bottom of the priority list.

When it comes to choosing an ISP, settling for less simply isn’t an option. If you’re paying for a service, you have every right to at least expect to get your money’s worth, both from the product itself and its parent company. Here’s why you should never settle for less from your ISP.

You’re Paying The Company for a Service

The simplest reason why you should never settle for less from your ISP is that you’re paying them your hard-earned money for a service. Internet is an integral part of modern life, whether you’re using it for browsing social media, Google searches, or business purposes.

The details of your usage aren’t important, but what is important is that you get your money’s worth. If you’re paying $75 per month for high-speed internet, and you’re getting a spotty connection, poor customer service, and faulty equipment, is it really worth that much?

Many ISPs have a reputation for spotty service or speeds that are nowhere near the advertised speed that convinced customers to sign up in the first place. In fact, Spectrum, which was once Time Warner, has been sued by previous customers for flat-out lying about its speeds; more than once! What does that tell you about the company’s commitment to honesty and customer service?

If you’re paying money out-of-pocket for any service, you should at least be getting what was advertised. Stop over-paying for internet that’s slow, unreliable, and provided by a company that looks at its customers as nothing more than a monthly revenue stream.

You Could Be At Risk

If you settle for a company that doesn’t value its customers, you could potentially be putting yourself at risk for cybercrime. A secure connection is just as important as a fast and reliable one, and you can’t exactly expect a commitment to security from a company that doesn’t even provide the speeds it advertises.

Cybercrimes have been on the rise since the beginning of the internet and continue to increase as the years pass. Though security is better than ever, the risk is also rising as hackers get better and better at cracking firewalls and compromising private networks.

You should expect your ISP to make security a priority, especially if you’re in a service contract for your business. You could be holding information on thousands of customers, and compromising that information can mean a nightmare situation for your business later on.

There Are Other Options

The biggest ISPs don’t want you to know that you’ve got other options. While it can seem like there are only 4-5 companies that offer high-speed internet, the monopoly isn’t complete thanks to smaller, locally-based options in many big cities.

These smaller networks still offer high speeds, reliable connections, and plenty of security, minus the reputation and bureaucracy of large ISPs. Many people don’t even know these alternatives exist!

There are also tools available online to help you locate the best ISPs in your area, so you don’t have to trust a Google search (which likely will bring up the largest ISPs’ pages anyway). An Internet Advisor ISP search will help you choose a provider that’s both reliable and customer-service oriented, so you don’t have to settle for the giants in the industry.

The Best Businesses Care for Their Customers

You shouldn’t have to feel like less than a person when you’re dealing with any sort of service provider. If your ISP has a record of poor customer service, it’s usually an indication that it cares more about profits than its customers. The best businesses make customer service and making the customer happy their top priorities, which is why they’re the best.

Don’t settle for less simply because you owe yourself better than that. Poor treatment from a company can make you feel like less than a person, and that’s simply unacceptable. Even if you have the fastest, most reliable internet available, if you’re not getting any customer service to back up the product, you’re missing half the package.

The Take-Away

ISPs aren’t known for customer service or high-quality products, but they’re necessary to remain connected to the web. That being said, it’s important to not settle for less in customer service or your connection when you sign up with an ISP. Don’t let a company treat you like less than a person, and if they do, take your business elsewhere!

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