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Why you shouldn’t skip a home inspection?

Once you decide to buy a house, there are numerous cheques to sign and endless writing that you must go through.  There are many essential costs to deal with, such as lawyer and realtor fees. 

While paying their costs, you might think to save money elsewhere. The invoice of a home inspection in Calgary AB would be around $200 to $500. And the thought of ‘shall I skip the home inspection of the property’ might pop up. 

In case you’re thinking so, here are few good reasons why you should not skip a home inspection at any cost: 

Learn if the house is actually homey

When conducted by the right inspectors, a quality home inspection in Canada can reveal critical information about the home and its systems. 

A detailed report of the inspection can make the buyer aware of what costs or repairs and maintenance would be immediately required in the home. 

If the buyer isn’t satisfied with the inspection findings, they can back out of the offer to buy the property. That’s the reason why a home inspection is taken as a mandatory step while finalizing a deal of any house.  It has the power to answer your question, is the house cozy for you or not?

Evaluations of Safety Issues 

A home inspection is capable of detecting safety issues like vermin, radon, mould, and carbon monoxide, which all homes must be tested for. You must ensure that your home-buying contract states that when the house is checked thoroughly and found vulnerable to any such hazards, then you have the option to cancel the offer/deal. 

A negotiating tool 

Most realtors suggest that home inspection reports are an opportunity to ask for repairs and request the seller for a reduction in price or offer cash-credits. 

As a buyer, you must work it out with your realtor to understand what defects or flaws in the house can be used to negotiate a better deal. 

The revelation of Illegal Installations or Additions 

In most home inspections, the inspectors might reveal whether the altered garage, extra garden room or basements in the house property are built with a proper permit or not. 

There are instances where people do not follow the code and build additional illegal rooms in their property. All these may affect the taxes, insurance, usability and also the overall value of the house. 

Deal Breakers 

Detailed home inspections can also help the buyers identify how much additional effort or money might be necessary to bring the home to a moving-in condition.

Everyone demands a home to be functional and personally acceptable at the time when they take the house. So, if you as a homebuyer are unwilling to repair issues such as cracked ceilings, faulty gutters, faucet leaks, then you must not end your home buying search. 

The revelation of the Big Picture 

Experts advise the people to use the home inspection process as a step to understand all the hidden nuances in the house property. A few of these defects or flaws, when spotted in the house, might open your eyes. 

Most people fall in love with a property due to its colour, size, location, or something else. They’re entirely blind to the hidden issues that the property may possess. 

A detailed inspection can help you in revealing the bigger picture of the property and make it convenient for you to decide whether or not to purchase it. 


As per the inspection report, if the condition of the home isn’t listed safe, there are chances that insurance companies will not insure the home. 

Many times, the insurance companies demand the presence of four-point inspections certificate or Wind mitigation certificate as a proof of home’s safety. 

So, if you’re now considering home inspection for the property you’re going to buy, make sure you ask your home inspector to do these checks and provide you with the required certificates to avail the loan. 

The Bottom Line

Being the buyer of the house, you must understand the responsibility of home inspection. It’ll help you in learning all the details (major and minor) of the property. 

Home inspections are an effective means of revealing the inner workings of the property, which can keep you inform about all the pitfalls and perks the house has to offer. After fixing all the identified defects, you can call it your home.

All the best for your deal! 

Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes is an student whose experiences in life make her really tougher than anyone else. She can lend you expert tips on diverse topics ranging from relationship to fashion, making money, health and so on. Her write-ups are a window into her thoughts and knowledge.
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