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Why Your Business Should Sell Its Own Swag

When you have a small business, you may be considering selling your own apparel. Haven't you seen people walking around with hats or sweatshirts with their company logo on it? Well, if you're thinking of doing the same thing, here are a couple of reasons why your company should sell its own swag.


  1. Increased revenue

When you sell merchandise, you can keep all of the profits! Sell the products higher than it costs you to manufacture them and offer the products on your website. This is a simple way for you to make more money while you go on with business as usual. If you have the real estate, you can even consider selling your merchandise on site and possibly opening up stores in the future.


  1. Marketing

If you sell products for your company, the swag will obviously have the name of your company and the logo. Anyone wearing this merchandise is putting the name of your company out there. They are basically a walking billboard for you. Plus, people might ask about your company if they see somebody wearing your items. It's important to remember, though, that you are representing your company while wearing the merchandise. Do not do anything that misrepresents your business while wearing your swag. Remind all employees of the same thing.

You can use a market research platform to find out if you have any marketplace to sell your merchandise. Some companies only sell to employees, while others sell to the public. Either way, you’ll need to do some research to see if selling your merchandise is even viable. Tech companies like Adobe and Google have had a lot of success in selling their own merch, but they have grown to be household names across the world.


  1. Reach your target audience

When you sell swag, it doesn't necessarily have to be a hat or a tee shirt. Look for something that will reach your customer base. A company like Le-Vel Thrive might sell water bottles with their logo on it. Everything they sell is related to health and wellness, because they know their audience, and they sell to their interests.


  1. It's easy

You may be surprised to find out how easy it is for your business to develop and sell merchandise. There are a number of different manufacturers who would be happy to help you create the products, and you can simply set up an online store at first. Don't forget to let customers know that you are now selling products on your website. No one will buy the items if they don't know that you're selling them.


  1. Show off your creative side

When you decide you want to sell swag with your company's logo, you get to be creative. You can make your merchandise as plain or as complicated as you want. You can also create different styles. You can even encourage creativity throughout the entire business. Get help from your colleagues and employees if you're not the creative type. You can even do a contest for the company to see who can make the best design.


  1. You have wholesale gifts

Selling merchandise with your logo is all about the profits. However, you can also use those items as presents for friends, family, and employees on holidays and special occasions. Plus, you get everything at cost, keeping it relatively cheap.


  1. Company pride

You have spent a lot of time and money into your company, and you and your employees should be proud to be a part of the organization. Show pride by wearing swag with the company logo on it. Everyone will be able to see how much you light up anytime someone comments on the merchandise and you get to talk about work. Your passion and pride not only makes the company look good, but everyone looks their best when they're talking about something they're passionate about.



It doesn't matter what type of business you run, any business can sell items with their logo on them. You may be surprised how much extra income you can make every month with your own swag.

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