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Why your company need Mobile app for effective digital marketing plan?

Digital landscape has been witnessing constant churning over the last few years. The quintessential marketing model does not produce the desired result. Advent of social media, digital platform, mobile and web app opened up entirely new spectrum for marketing and promotional plan. With deep penetration of smartphone, customers started looking for services on the move. Hence, the role of mobile app assumed a greater importance in the marketing scheme of things. A well designed app with optimal functionality and features fulfils the need of customers. As the word spread about demand for mobile applications development services, many companies came forward with ingenious offers.

Before your company and organization hire the services of a mobile app development company, one needs to understand the exact need for mobile app for effective digital marketing plan. Few of them have been listed below:


·        Expand your target audience: A well designed and developed mobile app can attract a larger target audience for your company. Smartphone users even with an average internet connection can explore different possibilities with the app. With app installed on the personal device, customer is not dependent on any external factor for availing the service. If the app performance is up to the desired level, there is a great chance that it will result in higher reach and greater rate of customer acquisition.


·        Better value proposition: Customer is the king. The line has never been truer than before. Customer are getting demanding with each passing day as businesses compete for customer acquisition and loyalty. Those with better value proposition are expected to survive and thrive. Simple quality delivery of service is not enough as in the past. The services also need to be available round the clock. This is possible with a great mobile app encompassing all the features and services. Mobile app offers greater value proposition to customers.


·        Prompt response: Response time is quicker and effective with a well laid out mobile app. On the go option with the mobile app, allows customers to post complaint immediately and also receive the resolution instantaneously. Companies also receives prompt response to feedback or any other survey carried out for internal business purposes.


·        Increase Customer loyalty: Retaining an existing customer is a challenging task in today’s dynamic business environment. Competitors are ready to prey on your developed customer if you let your guard down.  Samsung and Nokia is the perfect example. It is essential to run customer loyalty program on a regular interval. Mobile app is the ideal platform to run such loyalty program and collect the necessary information. Loyalty program could be in the form of discount, offers, bonus points or just a kind word. 


·        Direct Marketing Channel: Mobile app are also an effective direct marketing channel. Companies can inform customers about new product arrivals and services through the push notifications. Trends, taste and preference can also be gauged through direct market channel and tweak the strategy accordingly. Mobile app enables one on one and direct communication possibilities.


·         Data mining for business insights: Data is the new oil in the 21st century. Mobile application Development Company realized the potential of massive customer data. Applying the right algorithm on customer dataset (Demography, taste, preference, payment method etc.) can reveal interesting pattern and insights. Data can be divided into different meaningful segments and clusters. Marketing and promotional activities can be customized depending on different clusters. Larger the data, greater the hidden information. Mobile app is the perfect platform for engaging and generating humongous amount of customer data through customer friendly features, navigation and functionality.   


Augmenting Brand equity: Brand equity is an important asset of company. It is imperative to take necessary care of existing Brand. Adopting latest tools, technology and trends are some of the ways to reinforce your brand equity. Mobile app with sleek design and features speaks volume about your brand. It acts as an intangible way of promoting your brand and services.

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