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Why Your Roof Should Be Inspected Annually

Whether you are a homeowner or in the market to buy a home, it is important that you know your roof needs to be inspected at least once per year. With roofs being placed under extreme conditions all throughout the year, there is no such thing as too many inspections.

Let's face it, homeowners don't usually spend a whole lot of time thinking about their roof until a leak develops and it's too late.  Yet, the value of a roof cannot be underestimated.  Whether you know it or not, your roof plays a major part in keeping your home in the best condition. 

Roofs keep out the elements and can also help keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  There are many different reasons why you should schedule annual roof inspections and it is important to know why they are critical for the safety of your home.

Common Roof Issues

Believe it or not, roofers tend to encounter the same type of issues over and over again.  They can usually spot the tell-tale signs of some of the most common roof issues, during a visual inspection. Depending on the age of your roof, these problems can be quite serious.

Some of the most common issues are:

Missing or broken shingles

If you spot missing or broken shingles, it is important that you schedule an immediate inspection.  Sometimes what appears to be a small problem can turn into a much bigger issue if left unchecked. Shingles can become dislodged due to high wind or coming into contact with a low-hanging branch or worn down over time and exposure from the heat of the sun.


Roof leaks are one of the most common problems because water and moisture are the biggest element a roof is intended to keep out of your home.  Water will find the most vulnerable part of your roof and penetrate when it can.  Sometimes a small leak isn't noticeable until it's caused damage to the layers under shingles and even the wood framing of the house.

Animal Infestations

Animal infestations are most common during the spring because it is mating season.  Animals can find their way into your home via missing shingles, holes in the soffit or siding, uncovered chimneys, or gaps in the space between the eaves and fascia.

A roof inspection will alert you to some of these potential issues and more.

Reduce damage

Your roof is designed to protect your house from all types of weather, but it can only do so much when it starts to deteriorate. A yearly inspection will alert you to possible problems that may need attention before they become serious issues. If you catch small issues while they are still minor, the damage will be much less than if you waited until something major happened.

Avoid surprises

Roof inspections can help identify potential problems before they become serious issues. A professional roof inspection will also give you peace of mind that your roof is in good shape and ready to withstand the next storm season without any surprises! 

Aside from helping to alert you to any potential issues, getting a yearly inspection can help you develop a good working relationship with the best Chula Vista roofers.  You can tell a lot about how they operate and their customer service by going through the process of having them do an inspection.


Your roof is a significant part of your home and one of the most important things to keep in good condition. A professional inspection will help determine if there are any areas on the roof that may need repair or replacement, which will save you from unexpected costs down the road.

Homeowner insurance discounts

Many homeowner insurance companies offer discounts of up to 10 percent for having a yearly inspection done on your roof.  Similar to a good driver's discount for auto insurance, insurance companies like to reward customers that save them money in the long run. Having a roof inspection is a small cost that can ultimately save you on insurance costs over the long term.

Extend the life of your roof

Having your roof inspected regularly can help determine when you should begin replacing aging shingles or tiles, which could extend the life of your roof by years. You may be surprised to find that even the most mundane things can cause your roof to deteriorate more quickly than usual.  For example, having trees that provide shade to certain parts of your roof can cause mold to develop or may cause moisture to linger.  This leads to faster deterioration of the shingles in that area. In some cases, the roofer may even recommend tree removal if the tree is causing continual damage to the roof.

Having an inspection performed not only ensures that your property is safe, but it also helps you avoid expensive repairs in the future by catching small problems before they become big ones. It is recommended that you schedule an inspection at least once per year, even if your roof looks fine to you. Think of inspections as preventative maintenance for your roofs and consider them to be a necessary cost of owning a home.

Don’t let a little damage turn into a serious issue. Be sure to schedule your next roof inspection today!

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