Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Here is why Wildlife Conservation is So Important - An Insight

wildlife conservation in Australia

You can consider wildlife a gift from the god to the earth. When we say wildlife, we don’t just point at wild animals; we also include the undomesticated creatures like birds, insects, etc. It’s not just humans that help maintain a good ecological balance, marine life, plants, and other animals are equally important. There is no life in this world that doesn’t directly or indirectly contributes to the ecological system. They all have their perfect places in the food chain, and without them, the balance sure goes haywire. Lets’ learn in detail why wildlife conservation is so important.

Have a Look:-

* As mentioned above, wildlife conservation is needed for a healthy ecosystem. When a particular species of animals increases in number, it can create an imbalance in the ecosystem. Similarly, its lack can cause the same consequence. So, neither of the two is healthy. In the food chain, one animal becomes the food of another. And this way, their numbers remain in check, but the loss of any species can send this balance out of whack. If you don’t think it is a good thing to happen, just contribute towards wildlife conservation in any small or big way possible.

* Both plants and animals help human beings in a number of ways. But the most prominent benefit that humans receive from wildlife is linked to health. A lot of medicines like vincristine, morphine, quinine, penicillin, and aspirin are derived from uncultivated plants. Even snake venom is used for preparing lifesaving medicines. According to Ayurveda, cow’s urine also has numerous medicinal properties. New researches are being conducted to find out in how many more ways wildlife can benefit humans. All these make wildlife so important for the survival of human beings.

* You can’t survive without your crops. Your crops give you the food you eat for your survival. But you know, your crops can’t grow without the aid of animals. The fruits and vegetables you get are because of a process called pollination. In this process, pollen grains of one plant is carried to another by insects and birds for fertilisation. After which production of new seeds takes place. It is a surprising fact but true that about 90% of the apples grown around the world is a result of pollination done by honey bees. Now, that is sure a lot of dependency.

* Wildlife is also useful for recreation. Imagine having no national parks and sanctuaries, would your holidays be that amusing? Perhaps not! A lot of people across the world go to jungles, wildlife parks and sanctuaries to witness wildlife. Even kids love to see them. Most kids only see how a dog or a cat behaves inside a house. But they really don’t know how rhinos mingle with fellow rhinos or how big an animal elephant is. To enhance their knowledge about their fellow beings, people love to take their kids to wildlife havens.

So, there are numerous reasons why you should engage actively in wildlife conservation in Australia. Just make sure you choose the right volunteering organisation.

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