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Will the Coronavirus Crisis Force Couples to Choose non-saaya Dates to Marry?

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The Indian wedding season is just around the corner and like everything else, the wedding industry is facing a confusing situation. As uncertainty looms in the air because of the COVID emergency, couples are uncertain whether they will be able to carry out the ceremonies as planned.

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Traditionally, Indian couples have chosen “saaya” or auspicious dates that are mostly concentrated in the last two months of the year. 


With vendors booked and paid for in advance on all the Saaya dates, the couples that have to reschedule their wedding dates because of the current global emergency, are left with no choice but to go with other dates.


Let’s begin by understanding what exactly Saaya dates are and why they are important in the Indian wedding culture.


What are Saaya dates?


Saaya dates, also known as shubh muhurat dates are decided by considering several different factors contained within the birth charts of the bride and groom. The Hindu Panchang or wedding calendar is used to determine these dates.


As a result, the auspicious dates for weddings often clash for many (sometimes thousands) couples on a single date.


Wedding Vendors Are Helping Couples Find A Way Around


Professionals engaged in the wedding industry are receiving an overwhelming amount of queries for Saaya dates that are mostly all completely booked. At this time, wedding vendors are trying their best to make any changes in the couples’ plans as hassle-free as possible.


While many have agreed to adjust the booking amounts and change to available dates, vendors are reportedly also not charging couples for reduced number of guests and altering other expenses. Vendors like wedding photographers and venue owners are refraining from charging cancellation fees and are working with credit notes for couples to use on different dates.


There are also those that have come up with innovative alternatives like day-weddings that are going to be held between the hours of 12 PM and 5 PM. 


The Lovebirds Just Want To Get Married!


There are reportedly many couples that couldn’t care less about the saaya dates. All they need to get married is for this pandemic to blow over.


Many don’t even have a date decided yet but are confident that the reduced preparations and planning of a smaller wedding will allow them to execute the wedding ceremonies in a shorter span of time.


In fact, many couples are seeing the guest capacity restriction as a blessing in the form of reduced expenses and hassle. 


Several couples are also choosing non saaya dates owing to cheaper venues and lower boats of vendors.




In the end, a wedding is about two people. The importance of dates will depend on the personal preferences of the couple and no one else. Sure, budget constraints and vendor schedules will have a lot of influence on the decision but the truth is, the only important thing is how the couple feels on their special day.


Many couples will have to settle for a non-saaya date in the upcoming wedding season. However, there are slim chances that the choice will have too much influence on their married life.


What do you guys think? Have you decided on a date for your wedding? How important are Saaya dates for you as a couple? Share your thoughts and comments with us in the comment section below.

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