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Will Your Old Boiler be Replaced or Repaired Under the Free Boiler Scheme?

Is your old boiler costing you too much in order to keep your home warm? Under the government boiler scheme you could be eligible to change your old boiler for free or at subsidised cost. Read the article below to learn more about the Free boiler scheme.

What is the Free boiler scheme?

Under this scheme – ECO (Energy Companies Obligation) – households with low income are potentially eligible to qualify to upgrade their old boilers to an energy-efficient boiler for free, or at the very least, heavily subsided. The eligibility for free boiler grants is available to homeowners but no longer applies to private tenants..

The ECO boiler scheme was launched in 2013 and was originally due to end in 2015, but it has been extended, first with the ECO2 scheme, and now ECO3. The scheme places 

The primary goal of the scheme is to tackle fuel poverty and help vulnerable families lower their gas bills. Old boilers can prove to be inefficient and a drain on household expenses. Installing an energy-efficient gas boiler could help reduce gas bills for a household by up to £300 a year.

Will I be able to replace or repair my old boiler?

The Free Boiler Scheme is open to homeowners who are in receipt of at least one of a number of the applicable government benefits. By applying to the scheme, eligible applicants could receive a completely new A-rated boiler.

The free boiler scheme does not provide funding for boilers less than 7 year old as it is usually considered more economical for boilers of that age to be repaired rather than replaced, and the scheme is not able to fund repairs only boiler replacements.

What are the criteria for being eligible to replace your old boiler?

The Government-backed boiler scheme is designed for low-income families who might struggle with the cost of heating their homes. It aims to reduce their annual heating bills as well as their overall carbon footprint.

The criteria for acceptance of free boiler grants are:

  • Your old boiler must be at least seven years old
  • Your income must be £20,000 or less
  • You must own your home 
  • You must claim at least one government benefit

Our team have over 15 years of experience in the industry and so are the experts you want to help you access the free boiler grant scheme local to your area. We provide a full end-to-end service from the initial survey to guide you through the process and paperwork to carrying out the installation of the new boiler and arranging for collection and disposal of your old boiler. Also, you will get an after care service where we will ensure a safety inspection is carried out post-installation by our fully accredited heating specialists to give you complete peace of mind. 

We pride ourselves on being a certified one-stop Green Deal installer. This means as you get access to government free grants quality and sustainability will be assured. One of the key benefits of this scheme is that the new boiler you will have installed has the most current and up-to-date options available in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency, so it will be a friend to the environment as well as your home. Our installation experts are trained to make sure each boiler is installed quickly and efficiently so you can start experiencing the benefits of your new boiler as soon as possible. 

As you are dealing directly with us and not a third party you can be reassured that you will only be dealing with expert, professional staff throughout the process. We help many families and individuals who could benefit from the grants in the UK.

To see if you qualify for a free boiler grant, get in touch with us today and we’ll help you check on your eligibility and handle the whole process for you from application to installation and aftercare.

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