Thursday, September 28, 2023
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With French Call Center, Reach to Global Population

The number of companies offering multilingual customer support in India is rising at a burgeoning rate. Although, Spanish, Japanese, Portugal to name a few are some languages which every call center service provider include in their language list, the language which tops the chart is French. It is because by serving French customers, it becomes easy to offer customer support to the global population. You might be thinking how? Take a look at some of the astonishing facts related to the French language.

Fast Facts on the French Language

  • In the European Union, French considers as an official language of 29 countries like France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, etc. Moreover, it is the fourth most commonly spoken mother tongue language in the European Union.

  • After German and English, French is the second most widely spoken language. Worldwide, 75 million people consider French as their language of preference for communication.

  • There are over 30 French-speaking countries across the globe with the number of French speakers crossing the mark of over 270 million.

  • It is expected that by 2050, the number of French speakers will reach 700 million, especially in Africa.

  • After English, it is the second most preferred foreign language owing to growing job opportunities in a French call center and multinational companies.

  • Organizations like the United Nations and the African Union widely used the French language.

  • Romance languages like Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, etc., become easy to learn if a person holds proficiency in the French language. It is because French is considered as “the bridge-building’ language.

  • 42% of internet users use France for making a purchase on the internet

  • French people take pride in their language and prefer to communicate in French instead of English

Aforementioned facts clearly highlight that French is the language of global prominence. By offering excellent customer support to French customers, companies can easily expand their presence in European markets and are able to offer services to a major chunk of the global population. This is the factor motivating every bilingual or multilingual call center to offer customer support in the French language.

Outsource French Call Center Services to Reap Benefits

It is no more a hidden fact that outsourcing French call center services is more beneficial than running call center in-house. Companies are able to save their precious time and valuable money spent on building infrastructure, purchasing technology, hiring manpower and their training by outsourcing French customer support services to professional and reputed outsourced vendor.

With over 18 years of experience, LiveSalesman offers Multilingual Customer and Sales Support in over 30 native European and Asian languages including native French Call Centre Services. Since their agents are native French people, they have a very good understanding of French culture. They are not only able to communicate with French customers in their native language but are also able to culturally connect with them. Apart from French call center services, they offer call center services in native Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean to name a few.

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