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Wooden Yarn Bowl : What You Need To know About Using One

You do not need to worry about keeping your yarn and needles tangled in and out in the open anymore. This is because the advent of bowls especially for storing yarn has made it extremely easy to store them without them getting tangled or in the way. You can easily continue where you left off. However, if you are not sure about using a wooden yarn bowl in Australia, we are here to help you. We have mentioned what you need to know about using it below.


What do you need to know about a bowl made especially for yarn?


While you work, there are many times where you might have found your yarn tangled or formed together. To avoid this and make your knitting trouble less, you can buy yourself a bowl specially designed to keep your yarn free of tangles. You can also ensure a stylish design for your bowl to make everything look chic. They can be made of many materials like porcelain, clay, etc. However, you should use wooden ones to ensure more durability and benefits.


What do you need to know about its working?


A yarn bowl is designed to provide you with uses while you knit. On the side of the bowl, there are yarn guides that help the resting yarn in the bowl to pass through holes, hooks, or slots. When you pull on the yarn strand you are working on, the strand goes through the guides. This process takes place without any cluster or tangles as the yarn kept in the bowl rolls safely in the bowl itself. You can also keep your needles or hook in the holes of the bowl.


How do you use it?


There are several steps that are involved in its usage. You might find them difficult in the beginning. However, once you are familiar with the steps and the procedure, you will easily be able to navigate your way through the bowl.

·  Using the large opening on top of the bowl, insert your ball of yarn inside the bowl.

·  If your bowl has a guide on the side, then use the ends of your working yarn and swirl it around the guide. Use your working end of the yarn and slip it through the hole if the guides are designed in a different way.

·  You can also slip the working ends of your yarn through the holes made on the side of the yarn bowl. However, this is only possible if you have holes for hooks and needles in your bowl.

·  Start knitting.


Why do you need to use it?


If you are in doubt and want to use traditional methods for knitting, you should know that using a bowl for your yarn does not hamper any method. It just makes the process easier. You will be able to reap many benefits. We have mentioned some of them below.

·  If you want to take a rest or a break from knitting, you can easily stop your work in between and not worry about your yarn getting tangled.

·  You will have a proper place to store your yarn and needles.

·  You can continue knitting without worrying about things like yarn rolling away, getting tangled, etc.

·  You can use them as decorations around your home as they are beautiful small pieces of home décor.


These are the things you should know about using a wooden yarn bowl in Australia. This information will help you immensely when you buy yourself a bowl for your yarn. You should make full use of this information to your advantage and ensure a tension-free yarn knitting process. Good luck and ensure the best for yourself!

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