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Top 7 WordPress Plugins for Your Site Security

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Are you a blogger or a content writer? Are you using the WordPress platform for blogging and sharing valuable content? Are your content being popular among the audiences? 

If the answer to all the questions is yes, then you need to extra sure about your website security. 

WordPress is the most popular platform for millions of websites, it has piqued the interest of the hackers. Hackers try to find a small loophole to hack into the system. For avoiding these circumstances, security plugins have come into existence. 

If you are really serious about the online business that you are running. And want to make sure that they are not vulnerable to the known threats. Then you can have one of these security plugins on your website. These plugins are kept updated all the time to fight new threats. 

Best security WordPress plugins 

Just having a security WordPress plugin is not the right choice. You must choose the right plugin based on the capability to upgrade itself with the new threats. 

Let’s get into the details: 

Word Fence 

Word fence is one of the most used security WordPress plugins. It regularly checks the site for any kind of malware function. It keeps a track and scans all the WordPress core, theme and plugins. 

It claims to make your site faster and more secure. Falcon coaching engine is responsible for making your site faster. This plugin is free of cost. But it has a premium version also. The premium version has more advance set up and features. 

This plugin defends your site from a brute force attack and can add two factors authentication via SMS. You can block traffic from any country. It facilitates firewall to block fake traffic, botnet, scanners. If this security word press plugin finds anything suspicious, it will instantly inform you via mail. 

This also checks the post and comments to your site to find any hidden malicious codes. It also provides you real-time security. 

Bulletproof security 

It is also one of the famous security WordPress plugins. It adds firewall security, data security, login security and more. It has a four-click interface. Once you turn it on, it can do the work by itself. 

It limits the failed login attempt, it blocks security scanners, fake traffic, IP blocking and code scanner. You can block traffic from any country. It facilitates firewall to block fake traffic, botnet, scanners. If this security word press plugin finds anything suspicious, it will instantly inform you via mail. 

This plugin keeps itself up to date to cope up with all the new vulnerability and exploits. 

It too has a premium version that can provide advance set up. 

Sucuri security 

it is also one of the security WordPress plugins. It is from the popular website security and auditing company SUCURI. It has a wide range of security offered to provide. Offers like file integrity monitoring, security activity auditing, blacklist monitoring, malware scanning, and website firewall. 

It is supported by various blacklist engines like McAffe, Norton, Google saves browsing, Sucuri lab. If any this is found suspicious then you get instant notification via mail. 

If by chance the security is breached, your all logs are kept save in the Sucuri operation center. 

It also provides a premium plan. If you are willing to pay then you will be rewarded with experts’ team who can give you remarkable advice for further your security stronghold. 

Acunetix WP Security Scan 

Acunetix WP security scan also comes under the security WordPress plugin. It a well-known company for finding the vulnerability in web applications. It helps you to secure your website and suggest measures to improve your website security. 

It offers file permission security, version hiding, admin protection, removing WP generator tag from source, and database security. 

It removes various information from the source code so that it cannot be misused before an attack. This can include theme update, meta tags, WordPress version, plugin update information, Windows live to write meta tag, error information from the login page, versions from scripts, versions from stylesheets, database and PHP error reporting. 

It offers a database back up tool to backup your website. It also provides a live monitoring tool that checks the live traffic on your website. 


It is a newbie among all the adults. It is a new security WordPress plugin that has been surfaced just recently. It provides all the features that all the old security plugin provides. The reason being why this new plugin is so famous is that it provides those features as well that others charges for it. 

Other plugins like WP Rocket, Sucuri security provide their advanced settings only in the premium version. On the other hand, Defender provides those securities plugin features for free. 


There are many security WordPress plugins. You don’t have to download all the plugins. You just have to download only one. Use it, and if does not satisfy your need, shift to another plugin. Keep trying this and you will get the desired plugin that will suit your site and theme. 

Every single plugin has its own way of giving security to the website. You just need to find which will suit you. And if you are willing to pay for better services, you can also buy the premium version of security WordPress plugins. With a little bit of investment, you can secure all your data and the website. 

This article is all about the plugin that is free and can be really helpful in protecting your website. 

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