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WordPress's Most Important Maintenance Tasks

We recommend scheduling specific routine WordPress maintenance tasks to keep your WordPress sites secure and performing at their best.

It may appear to be a pain, but critical work must be performed regularly to ensure your site is secure and robust.

If you're not sure where to begin (or "why"), keep reading because we'll lay out the basics for you in this post.

Why Do You Need to Maintain Your WordPress Site?

WordPress, like most platforms, is continuously developing and evolving, which means that if you neglect upkeep or upgrades, your site may become obsolete rapidly.

You may believe that you will not require all the gleaming new updates, but upkeep is more than that. It can save you from having to deal with the problems that an out-of-date website can cause in the future, such as:

• Security risks — Older WordPress versions are more exposed to security risks.

• A website that is broken – components that are not maintained regularly may develop incompatibility issues, rendering them corrupt and unusable.

• Weak performance – even if you speed-proof your website at first, the performance may suffer as more features are added.

• Poor user experience — a negative user experience is exacerbated by delayed loading times and missing or broken components.

• Poor Search engine optimization – a poor Search engine optimization ranking can be caused by a combination of poor performance and a poor customer experience.

However, most WordPress maintenance jobs do not necessitate the use of complicated tools or deep technical knowledge. Instead, it's a straightforward yet worthwhile investment that will pay off handsomely in the long run. Routine website maintenance not only keeps your site functioning well but may also help you improve traffic and build your relationship with your visitors.

Don't worry, and you don't need to be a tech whiz to complete these chores. Instead, follow the steps in this list to maintain your site safe and working correctly.

WordPress's Most Important Maintenance Tasks

Let's look at some critical chores you should be doing now that you know why WordPress maintenance is essential:

Ensure that your WP core, plugins, and themes are all up to date. If a security update is available, it will be applied immediately; otherwise, it will be used quarterly.

Keeping current with WordPress updates adds new features and improves the security and speed of your site.

However, some of your plugins may be incompatible with the most recent changes. So, before making any changes, you should test them out on a staging website. In addition, you can utilize plugins like WordPress Staging if your hosting provider doesn't have a native web page feature.

It's a good idea to eliminate any plugins or themes you're not using while you're doing this. You'll be able to free up more space while also reducing the chance of your website becoming vulnerable.

You're leaving old, publicly known security vulnerabilities on your site if you don't maintain your WordPress installation up to date. Attackers know how to look for websites running earlier versions of WP, and they know how to exploit those known flaws to gain access to your site.

The same is true for themes and plugins: they can also introduce security flaws, so you should always upgrade them to the most recent version.

Always have a backup:

WordPress backups are divided into two categories: file backups and database backups. Plugins, themes, and core installation files make up the former, while website data like articles, comments, and users make up the latter. Both are required for a fully working WordPress backup.

It is difficult to say how often you should backup, but a reasonable rule of thumb is to do so every day.

Repair broken links:

Excessive web problems might irritate your visitors and make you appear out of touch.

Although there are numerous WP plugins available for monitoring your website for broken links, this is one occasion when we urge against using one.

Because broken link checking plugins can be significant resource hogs, slowing down your website and consuming all of your hosting resources, you should avoid them.

Keep an eye on the security of your website:

Although WordPress is typically secure, it is not malware-free. Therefore, security hardening and scanning are essential WordPress maintenance tasks. You may utilize a variety of security plugins to automate and simplify the procedure. 

A thorough security scan, on the other hand, may put a strain on your server. As a result, it's best to schedule security maintenance when traffic is light. In addition to monitoring your site, check the error and access logs to discover if any strange activity has occurred. We also urge that you use strong passwords and change them frequently.

Remove Unnecessary Data:

Hence more data you have, the more memory you'll need. As a result, you should periodically cleanse your draughts, old content, changes, unneeded media files, and garbage.

Spam comments are another thing you should remove. They not only harm your website's reputation, but they also take up valuable space. To combat spam comments, you can use the software.

Ensure that everything is in working order:

Making ensuring everything is working correctly is an essential element of  WordPress maintenance by webprotime. It would be best if you are looking for problems or poor performance in the following components:

• Links – double-check that all internal and external links are functional and free of formatting or spelling problems. You can accomplish this easily with a program like Dead Link Checker.

• Forms - Forms may cease delivering emails due to a problem or misconfiguration on your server or email provider.

• Pages – double-check that all of your pages are operational and that none of them are returning a 404 error page.

• Analytics - keep an eye on analytics tools like Google Search Console for any difficulties.


Although maintenance may appear to be an uphill task, keeping your WordPress sites in good form is critical. The security, functionality, and user experience of a lack of maintenance WordPress website can all be compromised.

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