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Work-Life does not stop for Coronavirus


A month back we were going about our normal lives. Doing a day to night job or working endless hours at our business looking with no leaves. Life always seemed busy but at the end of the day we would get a comfortable sleep. We would not have been prepared for the pandemic that happened next.

  The damage that this disease brought is like a sweet torture that slowly kills. We are standing together as a country and constantly trying to get out of this situation. There is chaos and panic in all areas of our country. India has taken a proactive approach by containing this virus with the help of lockdown. We are safe from this virus in the comfort of our own homes.

The future is uncertain and there is no indication to when life will be back to normal again. We all wished for life to be at a pause from the busy everyday life. While this disease is a reason to panic, there is hope while we sit and go about our daily life indoors. Businesses are shut down and employees are provided work at home facilities. There are many issues people are facing; bills are due and rents need to be paid.

Issues faced by people in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad is a hub for students as well as employees. A large number of people living in Ghaziabad stay on rent and PG's. In our day to day life we managed to get rent paid with the inflow of income. While business is down and employees are working indoors; a lot of problems arise. 

The government has ordered a lockdown for 40 days which may be extended to three months as per the situation. There are many issues surfacing from all corners of the country relating to accommodation, food and housing. Some people are safe in their homes; but some people are stuck with no place to go. Since no transport facilities are available; many students and employees are not able to return home.

Personal working space is a must for many of us out there who are into jobs. Until we no longer have a threat to this disease; we have no option but to stay indoors. Many times family members or roommates are not able to understand that work at home does not mean home chores. Companies are facing a major crisis due to less productivity and fixed expenses.

OYO Life Ghaziabad

Everyone is aware of room facilities provided by OYO at an affordable cost and with all essential services. It has room and PG for boys in Ghaziabad in the name of "OYO Life". In this time of crisis OYO Life wants to step up and let the people know that they can have an alternative. 

Oyo Life provides a personal room or twin, triple and four-bed sharing room on rent for boys to share with their friends. This will help you save money and there is zero brokerage. A one-month security deposit needs to be made. There is no owner interference which prevents any hassle. 

Facilities provided by OYO life:

  • Parking facilities
  • CCTV for safety
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Washing Machine
  • Weekly Housekeeping
  • Cab and food order services

Oyo life can be helpful for all those people living away from their home; looking for someplace they can call their second home. Life will not stop for anything. A good accommodation at an affordable cost can help ease our expenses.

With the spread of Coronavirus, we need to be safe and prepare for all scenarios. Having a room of your own or having friends to crash with is all the motivation we need to stay indoors. We hope that things will go back to normal soon and the streets are full again with joy.

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