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Work on your CV Content by Following our Tips

Cover letter

It is true that you have to create a very attractive CV to catch the recruiter’s attention but that does not mean you should neglect the content. This latter remains decisive, it is the parameter that helps you get a job interview. Title, catchphrase, essential sections, respect of the chronology, etc., your resume must prove your compatibility with the position sought.

The Title of your CV

When you create a CV, put at the top, centered and in bold the title. In any case, it has to be obvious to the recruiter. It plays the role of a bait which will motivate the recruiter to continue reading. It should indicate that the position you are looking for corresponds in all points to the job description. Therefore, it has to be catchy and as original as possible. And most importantly, it must be hundred percent relevant. It is impossible to ignore the title of a resume. Like the CV summary or the catchphrase, it allows the recruiter to know what your professional plan is as well as your level of responsibility. It also allows them to see at a glance if your profile is in line with their needs.

The Catch phrase of your CV

Most job seekers forget to put a catchphrase on their resume and it is a mistake. A catchphrase is a kind of a quick description of your profile.In short,put a teaser of 2 or 3 sentences maximum, centered under the title. It should say enough about you as the perfect candidate to make the recruiter want to read the whole CV.Look at those two examples:

-          Commercial director for 10 years, I speak Spanish and Italian fluently.

-          Specialist in the Italian retail sector, my skills match your expectations and your business environment.

Include your Soft Skills on your CV

In addition to all of the indispensable sections, also create one for your soft skills. Those are your behavioral skills and they are now very popular among headhunters.Managerial capacity, creativity, good interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, sense of service, etc., those qualities add to your technical skills and allow you to complete your candidate profile. The recruiter takes the soft skills into account to determine if you are likely to get along well with the other members of the team, if you correspond to the values upheld by the company, if you are autonomous and eager to evolve within the company, etc.

In all circumstances, you must follow the golden rule of recruitment: do not lie on your CV!Do you think that your career path and experience correspond in all points to the job description? It might be tempting to carry out a small inflator to stick a little more to the profile sought. But what risk are you really running by lying on your CV? The presence of misleading information may, depending on its importance and the resulting damage to the employer, justify a dismissal for simple or gross misconduct.

What about the Photo?

The photo is not mandatory on a CV. A recruiter cannot therefore refuse your application if you decide not to put one, unless it is clearly mentioned on the job offer. Nevertheless, we advise you to always insert a quality photo at the top right of your CV. It will inevitably catch the recruiter’s eye.

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