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Dealing With Harassment With A Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawyer

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Sexual Harassment

Under the Federal Law, sexual harassment is an illegal act. No matter what the nature of the act may be, any kind of sexual advance that is unwanted, and leads to the creation of offensive, hostile, or intimidating environment, are termed harassment. Apart from this, any other advance that has asexual hint and creates discomfort can also be termed as sexual harassment, especially if it does not cease or stop completely. There are some of the instances of sexual harassment in the workplace according to a prominent workplace sexual harassment lawyer.

Instances of sexual harassment in the workplace

  • When the supervisor implies through communication that the employee must sleep with him for keeping the job.
  • Distress created in the mind of an office manager due to the explicit sexual jokes that come from the officers of the organization.
  • Male workers trying to belittle a woman and refer to her with the use of derogatory or sexist terms.
  • An employee making disgusting sexual comments about the female customers to the colleagues.
  • A male colleague fondles or pinches a female colleagues against her will.
  • Sending of emails to the coworkers containing language and jokes that are explicitly sexual in nature.

The harassment may come from the victim’s coworker, manager, or supervisor. Under the law, there are a series of steps and protections available against sexual harassment in the workplace, but organisations must establish a clear policy against this social evil, and it must be mentioned in the employee handbook of the company. What are the things the employee handbook must contain about sexual offence? Ask the best sexual harassment lawyer and you will know the way in which your charges for sexual harassment are going to be tackled by the organisation. The following points will highlight.

Things the employee handbook must contain about sexual offence

  • Definition of sexual harassment
  • It should state in certain terms that sexual harassment in any form is not going to be tolerated.
  • The book must also contain that those accused or charged with sexual offence of any form are likely to face disciplinary action depending on the nature of the wrongdoing, and in severe cases they may also be fired from work.
  • State a clear procedure for the employees to file complaints of sexual harassment.
  • The complaints are to be properly and fully investigated.
  • The handbook must also include that the retaliation against the employees involved in the act of sexual offense is completely illegal.

Handing the complaints of sexual harassment

Some of the ways that facilitate the procedure of handling sexual harassment cases in the workplace.

  • An organisation must provide different ways in which an employee can file a complaint for sexual harassment cases as they are not to be handled by the manager or supervisor. They may be the same individuals against which the complaint needs to be lodged, so the best option for them is to approach the HR manager.
  • The company must also assign a staff member for owning the complaints and this individual must have good knowledge about the organisation, its people, and the history.
  • A plan is to be mapped out to cover the important situations and people for investigations based on the initial complaint. It is necessary to document the investigation according to the current knowledge.
  • It is essential to talk with the employee who is complaining and guarantee the safety of the individual is significant from any kind of retaliation. Furthermore, appropriate action needs to be taken irrespective of the results of the investigation. The company can also appoint a sexual harassment lawyer for dealing with the matters and seeking appropriate advice.

Every organisation needs to have a policy against the acts of sexual harassment in their handbook, but more importantly no employee who wants to complain must not be looked down upon or face punishment for reporting against such acts.

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